Education Customers: Intel® Education Software Stack available with CTL® 2go® Classmate PCs

Our education customers already know that CTL®’s 2go® Classmate PCs are designed for the classroom with their ruggedized features and student-friendly interface. But you might not know that CTL® can include the Intel® Education Software Stack at no extra cost to qualifying educational institutions. Intel® Education Software helps students develop their skills of collaboration, creativity, […]

Classmate Software from CTL

Our education customers already know that CTL®’s 2go® Classmate PCs are designed for the classroom with their ruggedized features and student-friendly interface. But you might not know that CTL® can include the Intel® Education Software Stack at no extra cost to qualifying educational institutions. Intel® Education Software helps students develop their skills of collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and digital literacy. These rich, interactive applications empower educators with tools to manage the classroom and keep students on task. In addition, IT departments can keep students and technology safe and secure from malware and loss.

Below is a summary of individual Intel® Education software titles available as part of CTL®’s 1:1 e-learning solutions for K-12 schools. To learn more about CTL®’s 2go® PCs with Intel® Education software included, contact your sales representative or call 800-642-3087.

CTL is proud to use Intel® chip technology in all of our education computers, including our Chromebooks. Read more about our Education ChromeOS Chromebook laptops in this article:  Best Touchscreen Chromebooks With Latest Intel Processors

Classroom Management

Classroom Management has features to support interactivity and collaborative student work, provides teacher tools to organize lessons, administer assessments, control student activity while eliminating distractions, and enhances overall classroom productivity.

  • Administer formative assessments with quiz/poll functions
  • Administer high-stakes assessments in a safe and secure environment
  • Enables focused & engaged classrooms with full administration capabilities like shutting down applications, blanking screens, sharing screens and content
  • Distributes and collects homework and other content
  • Supports diverse learning styles with small group activities

MyScript Notes/MyScript Stylus

Summarizing and synthesizing information is a key 21st century skill supported by MyScript Notes. Students can use the tablet as a real notepad, drawing, inserting pictures, and taking notes with their own handwriting using a stylus or finger

MyScript Stylus Mobile is an interactive handwriting recognition application that enables students to write notes, draw symbols, and perform basic math with real-time text input on touch-screen devices such as Intel® Education tablets.

Together, MyScript Notes/MyScript Stylus:

  • Allow students to write with a pressure-sensitive, real hand-writing experience:
    • Take notes – write, draw, erase;
    • Import, rescale and annotate images
    • Organize notes by subject
    • Converts students’ handwritten input into digital text in real time in the active application
    • Enables students to choose among different writing modes for different writing styles
    • Lists alternative results in case the recognized word is not the expected one
    • Writing math concepts, equations and graphs
    • Drawing chemistry concepts and molecular compounds
    • Peer editing in language arts
    • Writing letters, numbers
    • Journaling or creating a digital notebook
    • Drawing/sketching in the Arts
    • Writing music

Intel® Education Theft Deterrent

Helps protect capital and operational investments. Tools include a Management Server that supports complex deployments, a Management Dashboard that monitors clients and implements policies, and Hardware Hardened client rendering stolen systems valueless. Easy for students to use with no student interactions and no login passwords required.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus/Mobile Security

Provides five years complete virus protection and Internet Security so students have a safe and secure digital classroom. Comprehensive PC security, trusted security vendor, web and e-mail protection, and a clear user interface with optimized performance for a better user experience.

Intel® Education Lab Camera

Intel® Education Lab Camera application by Intellisence helps to promote scientific inquiry, helps make abstract concepts tangible for students and is an excellent complement to your STEM curriculum. Teachers can ignite imaginations and reveal the natural sciences using the Lab Camera application and the device’s built-in camera.

This hands-on set of tools for investigating the natural world helps make abstract concepts tangible, because students see them with their own eyes and experience them with their own hands.

The Lab Camera application includes 6 modules:

  1. Time-lapse camera allows students and teachers to record nature’s slow process and stitch it together into a short video
  2. Microscope function carries out the basic functions of traditional microscope
  3. Pathfinder creates a 3D map of the natural patterns that occur in nature
  4. Universal logger allows students and teachers to digitize analog science equipment
  5. Kinematics feature that allows tracking of horizontal and vertical movement
  6. Motion cam is makes a recording when it detects movement

Because the solution uses the camera built into the device and other readily available materials, it is a cost-effective way to complement STEM curriculum and engage students.

Value for Schools:

  • STEM project-based learning is enhanced, making this an ideal solution to add to your STEM curriculum and engage students in the wonders of the world
  • Schools can offer sophisticated grade-leveled STEM tools, reducing the need for expensive lab equipment and enhancing STEM curriculum
  • Engages students in a number of science disciplines, such as Biology, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Supports anytime anywhere learning with science tools built into the laptop utilizing the web cam

Value for Students:

• Fosters deep understanding about scientific principles and phenomena’s with modern digital tools

• Develops 21st Century skills with hands-on experiments and analysis

• Anytime anywhere learning with science tools built into the laptop, utilizing the web cam

Value for Teachers:

• Six tools built into one software application so teachers don’t have to manage and distribute peripherals during valuable class time or trying to teach with antiquated equipment

  • Develops higher-order skills such as investigation, drawing conclusions, collaboration, analysis, problem solving, deductive reasoning

• Makes doing homework fun, helping students stay motivated and engaged

Lab Camera – 6 modules

  1. Time-Lapse Cam: This module enables students to see quickly what normally happens slowly, over a long period of time. For example, while it takes weeks for an apple to decompose, a time-lapse video shows a student the complete decomposition process compressed into just a few seconds. Other examples: ice melting, cloud formations, the growth of plants.  The module allows the selection of specified interval shots and then stitches these images into a coherent stream of video.
  2. Kinematics: Kinematics is the study of the motion of bodies, and is an essential component of any physical science curricula. The Kinematics module enables students to track objects and graph the horizontal and vertical movement characteristics (displacement, velocity, and acceleration) in real time. After an initial calibration, the measurement units can be set as well; can capture a maximum of three selected objects at the same time, allowing complex kinematic experiments.  Students have traditionally learned about kinematics by reading textbooks.
  3. Motion Cam: Enables students to record events without recording the hours of meaningless footage surrounding the event. For example, students can capture a bee pollinating a flower, or the nighttime feeding habits of a classroom pet. Makes a recording when it detects movement in front of the camera, allowing you to capture rare situations in nature; works like a motion-sensor camera.
  4. Microscope: Traditional light microscopes are expensive and immobile. However, microscopy is an important part of life sciences curricula. With the Microscope module, students can turn their computer into a microscope.
  5. Pathfinder: The Pathfinder module enables students to detect patterns of movement and frequency of motion in video. The motion data is visualized in the form of a density map using color saturation to show levels of activity. For example, students observe the behavior of termites as they follow an invisible pheromone trail. While unnoticeable to the naked eye, the pattern becomes obvious after just a few minutes of recording.  Other examples: pedestrian and traffic patterns.
  6. Universal Logger: Many schools don’t have the funds to purchase new probes and other classroom technologies. However, data collection and analysis is an important part of math and science curricula, and is an essential 21st Century skill.  The Universal Logger module uses object recognition to convert the readout of traditional analog measurement devices to digital data that can be graphed in real time.


SPARKvue, is a data analysis application used to study science and math concepts.  It is applicable across subject areas and grade ranges.  It teaches inquiry skills – students conduct pre-configured experiments or create their own lines of exploration. Data can be visually inspected and analyzed with statistical tools.  Sensors, internal or external, collect data and display it in real-time in a graph, or table.


Sensor-based Data examples:

  1. Acceleration (G-sensor): Record acceleration while riding a bike
  2. Sound: Examine sound levels and how they relate to noise pollution
  3. Camera: Capture images as part of an experiment or Record microscope images and annotate
  4. Light: Measure relative light intensities in daylight
  5. Magnetometer: Study the field strength of bar magnets
  6. Temperature: Measure the temperature of water as ice cubes melt or examine the insulating properties of different types of fabrics to design new clothing


ArtRage, part of Intel® Education, enables students to easily create digital artwork on their computer.  Students can simulate a range of artistic effects: watercolor, ink pen, flood fill, gloop pen, sticker spray, text tool, and more. Students can use the program to provide illustrations to stories and reports.  Because it’s so intuitive to use, they can spend more time nurturing their inner Picasso than laboring to learn a complex program.

  • Sophisticated functionality simulates real-world art tools
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Powerful tools unlock students’ creativity
  • Useful at all grade levels: students can start at the finger-painting level and build sophistication.
  • Inexpensive: with no recurring supply costs, teachers can afford to engage and encourage students’ artistic endeavors
  • Students can use the tool to illustrate their writing or draw diagrams for reports
  • Requires zero set-up and clean-up time

Intel® Education Access Management

The Intel Education Access Management application provides a safer and more secure Internet and application environment for students. It allows IT staff to set appropriate policies for students in a school and at home.  Key features include: policy management, web filtering, provisioning. Access management will allow IT staff to ensure student devices meet the requirements of the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), therefore meeting eRate compliance.

Intel® Education Media Camera

Multimedia creation and editing for project-based learning. The media camera helps students express themselves visually and communicate information with tools to record, edit, and present. The Media Camera application is an interactive multimedia tool for video and photo editing. It enables students to capture and edit pictures and video and to make annotations to create their own multimedia outcomes for project-based learning.

  • Recorder: Lets students take pictures or record video and perform basic media editing
  • Presenter: Lets students load media captured by Lab Camera, Media Camera Recorder or another application, and use advanced media editing tools such as annotation, rotation and resizing tools to create their own report or eBook

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