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Medical Office Chromebooks Reduce Costs, Increase Patient Engagement

Medical Office Chromebooks Offer Many Benefits for Point-of-Care and Patient Privacy

There’s been a lot in the news lately about the rise of Chromebooks in Education. However, medical professionals are beginning to see the benefits of using medical office Chromebooks to improve point-of-care and patient privacy. In a Medical Practice Insider article last year, James Legan, MD, described his personal experience using Chromebooks in his clinical practice.  Below are the top benefits Dr. Legan describes after implementing medical office Chromebooks:

  • Improved delivery of care due to the Chromebook’s small size – it can be carried into a small exam room
  • The Chromebook cost him about one fourth as much as his previous laptop
  • Keeps patient data secure because it is stored in the cloud, not on the device – a Chromebook remoted to your main computer is a cheaper, safer and more logical approach
  • Works great to project Electronic Health Records onto a larger screen in order to display to patients
  • The VNC Viewer for Chomre App offers the ability to remotely access a Microsoft OS PC easily and securely

In an article last year  gigaom.com reported that Florida-based Chapters Health System employees chose Chromebooks over Windows laptops or iPads because of their convenience and ease-of-use. Their medical office Chromebooks were easy to deploy and maintain for the company’s IT department who cut their set up time from 40 minutes for Windows laptops to 5 minutes each for Chromebooks.

CTL has a growing selection of medical office Chromebooks, including our rugged CTL NL6 Chromebook and the lightweight J2 and J4 models. CTL’s Chromebooks, originally designed for education use, have the durability and battery life to support the needs of busy medical professionals. CTL’s medical office Chromebooks are available with enterprise level support and service including custom logo painting, store and charge carts, extended warranties and more. For more information about CTL’s Chromebooks or other products for your medical practice, contact me at 800-642-3087 x220, 503-318-2822 (mobile) or email gwelk@ctl.net.