3 Common Misconceptions About Chromebooks

3 Common Misconceptions About Chromebooks

Despite their competitive price point and rugged functionality, there are still many common misconceptions about Chromebooks. With storage options, gaming capabilities and cloud-based OS, these devices are actually great tools for multi-faceted users.

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Minimal local storage

This first misconception is somewhat understandable if you look at Chrome OS from a historical view. With budget-minded Chrome devices, Chromebooks are often used to be a portal for students to utilize tools like Google Classroom. Android apps on Chrome OS weren’t a thing and storage space really wasn’t a big deal. For the most part, there is no reason to stress over local storage when Chromebook and app usage should be cloud-based and not needing much local storage. If you do find your device needing a little extra storage space, devices like the CTL NL81 14” FHD Chromebook feature SD card slots and of course, your Google Drive storage is built right into the Files App.

No advanced gaming capabilities

This common misconception is even more forgivable given the tumultuous state of Google’s streaming game service and the fact that there just aren’t very many Chrome OS tablets available on the market with which to play premium Android games. While Google still seems to be figuring out which direction it will go with the platform, the fact remains that Stadia offers a wide variety of AAA games that play flawlessly on even lower-powered Chrome devices. Google’s servers do all the work and while your Chromebook plays the part of the portal to deliver the gaming experience. All you need is a CTL Chromebook and an average WiFi connection to enjoy games like PUBG, PGA 2K21, or Destiny 2.

Chromebooks need to use Google Cloud Printing to print

To prepare for the demise of Cloud Print on December 31, 2021, Google has done some serious work to get Chrome OS ready for the transition. To manage this workaround, printers that can connect to the same WiFi as the Chromebook printing should be able to print in a cinch. 

Chrome OS is getting so friendly with printers that it is difficult to find a device that a Chromebook WON’T print to natively. That’s not to say you don’t have an older printer around that won’t work with Chrome OS. Even now, you can flip on a flag in the Stable channel of Chrome OS and use your all-in-one to scan with a feature that should be widely available in just a few months. 

Chromebooks are often underestimated or many assume Chrome OS devices are unable to perform like normal PCs. On the contrary, combined with cloud-based functionality, Chromebooks are not only affordable but a nice plug and play option to get up and running in no time. 



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