CTL Awarded Contract in Texas with Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative and Pavilion

CTL Awarded Contract in Texas with Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative and Pavilion

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  • The new contract streamlines the purchase process and enables members in Texas to purchase Chromebooks and accessories at a discount 

Beaverton, OR, June 24, 2024 – CTL, a global cloud-computing solution leader for education and enterprise, announced today that it was awarded a contract in Texas with the Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative and Pavilion. This strategic partnership enables public sector agencies nationwide to benefit from Region 18's cooperative contracts, streamlining and reducing the cost of procurement processes for Chromebooks and related technology products.

The new contract number is R18-2024-02-000040. Under the new contract, Region 18 ESC purchasing cooperative members can now purchase CTL Chromebooks and accessories at a discount without the need for separate bidding. The benefits for Region 18 members include:

  • Streamlined purchasing. Member districts can purchase from vendors on the Approved Vendor List without needing separate bids, simplifying procurement processes.
  • Cost savings. Member districts that leverage the cooperative contract benefit from a discount on all CTL products listed on the CTL website.
  • Access to a wide range of products. CTL offers a comprehensive selection of technology solutions, including Chromebooks and accessories, all available to members at the negotiated discounted prices.

Members can browse CTL’s extensive product catalog on ctl.net and contact CTL to receive their Region 18 ESC cooperative purchasing discount.

Districts interested in becoming members of the Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative can complete the membership form available on the Region 18 ESC website.

About Region 18 ESC and Pavilion

Region 18 Educational Service Center (Region 18 ESC) is one of 20 service centers serving Texas's educational needs. By collaborating with and supporting school districts, Region 18 ESC assists in improving student performance, enabling districts to operate more efficiently and economically, and implementing initiatives assigned by the legislature or the commissioner. Region 18 ESC serves as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and local school districts, disseminating information, conducting training, and providing consultants for both federal and state programs.

One of the key ways Region 18 ESC supports its school districts is through its Purchasing Cooperative. With Pavilion’s free platform, the Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative enhances the member district experience by making it easier to find Region 18 ESC-approved supplier contracts, supporting documents, and shareable contracts from across the country. The Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative currently serves all 29 educational entities within Region 18’s assigned regional area and 19 entities from surrounding areas.

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