CTL Chromebook NL72CT-L and Chromebox CBx3 Named “Best of Show” at ISTE 2023

CTL Chromebook NL72CT-L and Chromebox CBx3 Named “Best of Show” at ISTE 2023

CTL won Tech and Learning’s “Best of Show” at ISTELive 2023 for its CBx3 Chromebox and NL72CT-L Chromebook.

"We are once again excited and proud to be recognized by Tech & Learning with awards for our new products," noted Erik Stromquist, CTL CEO. "These affordable and portable devices deliver a powerful computing experience, enabling students to collaborate, research, and engage in immersive online learning. And, their robust hardware and optimized software seamlessly integrate with educational platforms, ensuring a smooth and efficient digital learning environment.”

The Tech & Learning judges culled the ISTE show floor to review nominated products for this year’s Tech & Learning's Best of Show Awards. The evaluation criteria included: ease of use, value, uniqueness in the market, and proof that the product helped make teachers' lives easier and supported student achievement. 

“We received an impressive array of nominations for this year’s awards,” says Christine Weiser, content director for Tech & Learning. “Our judges chose the products that they believed best supported innovation in the classroom and district. Congratulations to our winners!”

The CTL Chromebox CBx3 is an energy-efficient Chromebox that provides the functionality of a desktop without the bulk. Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6E, the CBx3 delivers some of the fastest and most reliable wireless connectivity. It is an excellent device for distance learning, computer labs, Windows virtualization, school digital signage, and kiosk applications, allowing IT directors to easily deploy and manage these devices along with their Chromebook fleets.

Equipped with cutting-edge built-in cellular technology, the CTL Chromebook NL72CT-L provides internet connectivity anywhere, eliminating the reliance on traditional Wi-Fi networks. No longer will students face barriers due to a lack of internet access at home or limited connectivity in underserved areas. The NL72 with LTE supports CBRS and Carrier networks with lightning fast Cat 12 LTE”

“At CTL, we believe that technology is a catalyst for change. By democratizing access to technology, we aim to narrow the digital divide, promote educational equity, and empower students to unleash their full potential,” added Stromquist. “Our CBx3 Chromeboxand NL72CT-L Chromebook are more than just devices - they’re a a tool for creating a better future for all learners.”

CTL Chromeboxes and Chromebooks can be ordered through distributors, authorized resellers, and directly from ctl.net.

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