CTL Launches Refurbished Chromebook Program

CTL Launches Refurbished Chromebook Program

  • Like-new reconditioned Chromebooks offer significant savings and reduce environmental impacts
  • Two levels of refurbished devices are available

CTL announced today the availability of a program for refurbished Chromebooks. Appropriate for education, government, and enterprise use, CTL’s refurbished Chromebooks offer customers the ability to buy like-new performance Chromebooks at significant savings and, by giving these laptops a second life, simultaneously deliver a win for the environment. 

“Our environmental impact drives many significant decisions at CTL, and this is another way we can help extend the life of Chromebooks before final recycling,” said Erik Stromquist, CEO of CTL. “We recondition these Chromebooks as only an OEM can, with expert service and genuine parts to return them to like-new function. Customers receive advanced performance, discounted Google licensing, and our warranty – all at a great price.”

Two Levels of Refurbished Chromebooks Available from CTL

CTL offers its refurbished Chromebooks in Certified Refurbished and Refurbished grades. Pricing begins at $99 for Chromebooks and $119 with the discounted Google Education Upgrade license. 

Certified Refurbished CTL Chromebooks include:

  • Device type CTL factory refurbished with years of Google OS support remaining, typically AU date of 2029 or later
  • Condition-  A/B Grade
  • Warranty – 1 year included warranty, backed by CTL
  • Shipping – Free order shipping and free 2-way RMA shipping if needed
  • Google licensing – Discounted add-on for Google Education Upgrade licensing from CTL
  • Quantity – typically sold in 15-packs

Refurbished Chromebooks from CTL and other brands include:

  • Device type CTL factory refurbished, early generation older, typically AU 2027 or earlier
  • Warranty – 90 days included
  • Shipping – Free order shipping 
  • Google licensing – Discounted add-on for Google Education Upgrade licensing from CTL
  • Quantity – Typically sold singly or in 15-packs, depending on availability

Each refurbished device goes through CTL’s rigorous 5-point refurbishment process, including:

  1. Inspection -Detailed visual and mechanical inspection of the device
  2. Test - CTL’s hallmark diagnostic checklist includes testing of battery,   keyboard, I/O ports, panel, electronics
  3. Recondition -Any minor repairs or fixes are made to renew the device
  4. Update – Perform any OS or hardware updates needed
  5. Shine – Final inspection, detailed cleaning, updated labeling if needed

Interested customers can view full program details on CTL’s website

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