Launch Google docs in google calendar

Google Calendar Events Now Lets You Launch Docs With One Click

Do you have a few thoughts you’d like to share with your team or students before a scheduled Meet call begins? Want to jot them down and organize them in a coherent way so that you can kick off the collaboration ahead of time? Great! Google Calendar now features a ‘Take meeting notes’ button which lets you quickly launch Docs straight from an event.

launch google docs in google calendar

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What’s more, is that the created document will automatically be filled with the calendar event’s information and be attached to said event! To take things even further, typing “@” anywhere in the file will allow you to add the meeting notes to any document via a drop-down mention menu.

Here’s the cherry on top – the moment you hit ‘save’ on the calendar event after creating a meeting notes Doc, those notes will automatically be shared with every call participant who’s agreed to attend, even if they’re outside of your organization.

For now, Google is only making these tricks available on the web version of Calendar and Docs, and if you don’t see them yet, you should begin to at some point over the next two weeks if you have a Rapid Release domain. Those with a Scheduled Release domain can expect it at some point 2 weeks post-October 19, 2021.

The company says that meeting notes or meeting minutes are one of the most common ways that people have been using Google Docs, and it hopes to take the painful extra (and repetitive) steps out of sharing and finding them after the meeting.


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