Important Updates for Google Classroom

Important Updates for Google Classroom

With distance learning at an all-time high, Google Classroom updates are essential for teacher and student success. Here’s a quick overview of the updates you can expect to support distance learning.

After a rollout of important updates for Google Meet, there are also many updates and changes for Google Classroom that should be mentioned as well. With distance learning at an all-time high, Google Classroom updates are essential for teacher and student success. Here’s a quick overview of the updates you can expect in Google Classroom and what to take advantage of in boosting productivity. 

New Google Classroom features

As an ongoing rollout of new features, Google Classroom is aiming to give as many tools to educators as possible to have full control and monitor their virtual classroom. Educators can look forward to:

  • More seamless integrations with learning tools that schools have been using to work cohesively alongside Google’s tools. This is extremely helpful for educators who have already found apps or tools they’ve implemented into their respective classrooms without having to ditch their current setup. A win-win!
  • With an increased usage of WiFi activity across the globe, mobile offline improvements will be addressed so that Google Classroom mobile apps can support users through intermittent connectivity. 
  • Measuring student engagement is important and now teachers can see data to track how each student is interacting in Google Classroom each day. This is a great tool to gauge how much students are retaining information and how much involvement is required in each lesson. 

Improved Google admin capabilities

With increased demand in deploying and managing Google Classroom, there will be a rollout in the future with tools to help admins save time and be able to manage provisioning classrooms at a reasonable scale. 

Increased support from Google Classroom partners

There are many Chrome extensions to use with Google Classroom and many partners have also ramped up efforts with their technology to be compatible and user-friendly. Students and teachers can look forward to new features and app improvements that make it easier to use in conjunction with Google Classroom. 

Improved auditing tools

It is inevitable that technical issues will arise while distance learning, so additional tools will be available for admins to troubleshoot and monitor each user across its domain. Education admins have access to Classroom audit logs to dig deeper and resolve any issues. 

Google continues to release updates for Google Meet and Google Classroom in hopes of making it easier for distance learning. The Anywhere School is a great hub for teachers to gain access to training resources to aid your success. Join an eight-week video training program, Educator Groups, and more. Google Classroom is a valuable tool to stay organized, on track with curriculum goals and staying connected in every way possible. Visit to check out the latest Chromebooks to ramp up your work productivity. 

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