Leverage Higher Trade-In Values From Your CTL Chromebooks For New Technology

Leverage Higher Trade-In Values From Your CTL Chromebooks For New Technology

In Alignment with Google’s AUE Extension, CTL Increases Trade-In Values of CTL Chromebooks by up to 50% on Select Models

At CTL, our goal is to help you make the most of your investment in our products and technology. One of the ways that we achieve this is by finding ways to increase the trade-in value of end-of-life products and ensuring long-term parts availability for repairs. Our approach not only promotes re-use but also supports sustainable management of your product life cycle.

Google has recently announced that they will now support automatic ChomeOS updates for 10 years. Google’s extension of automatic software updates enhances the longevity of these devices and ensures users have access to the latest software features and security updates. It also means they can fetch a higher value when you trade them in on new technology.

Find out the trade-in value of your fleet of ChromeOS devices by going to the CTL Buy Back Program.

Here is the complete list of CTL Chromebooks and Chromeboxes and their new AUE's:

  • Chromebook J41/J41T - June, 2027
  • Chromebook NL7 - June, 2027
  • Chromebook NL7T-360/NL7TW-360 - June, 2027
  • Chromebook NL71/CT/LTE - June, 2029
  • Chromebook NL71T/TW/TWB - June, 2029
  • Chromebook NL72 - June, 2031
  • Chromebook NL81/NL81T- June, 2029
  • Chromebook PX11E - June, 2031
  • Chromebook PX14E/PX14EX/PX14EXT - June, 2031
  • Chromebook VX11E - June, 2029
  • Chromebook VX11T - June, 2029
  • Chromebox CBx1 - June 2028
  • Chromebox CBx2 - June 2030
  • Chromebox CBx3 - June 2032
  • Chromebox Enterprise CBx3 - June 2032

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