Intel® Jasper Lake brings big performance gains to budget-friendly

Intel® Jasper Lake brings big performance gains to budget-friendly

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There are a ton of Jasper Lake Chromebooks on the market. However, a truckload of Chromebooks with Intel’s latest small-core chips inside wouldn’t be a very big deal if the chipsets didn’t bring the significant performance gains Intel promised. The good news is, Intel delivered.

For reference, this comparison is to the Intel® Gemini Lake processors that already raised the bar significantly in 2020. Intel’s small-core processors continue to make big gains in the areas of performance and efficiency. Gemini Lake CPUs ushered in a new era of low-powered CPUs in which users could confidently count on fast performance and all-day battery life at wallet-friendly prices. Jasper Lake expounds on these continual improvements and now, we have small-core Chromebooks that can outperform “flagship” models from just a few years ago.

If you’d like to know more about why this jump is so significant, you can read all about it here. Simply put, the cores are better, the process is smaller (faster, more power efficient) and the GPU is more powerful. All that sounds good and it has translated to a better overall Chromebook experience. As always with Intel’s small-core processors, the point is performance on smaller budgets, and the Chromebook market has embraced the upgraded performance in machines that cost less than $300 on the regular. Now, let’s look at some actual benchmarks.

Gemini Lake Octane score

Jasper Lake Octane Score

Gemini Lake Speedometer

Jasper Lake Speedometer

As you can see from the side-by-side comparisons (Gemini Lake on the left, Jasper Lake on the right), this is a massive leap in performance – over 50% gains on some tests. For reference, this is testing the base Gemini Lake (Celeron N4000) versus the base Jasper Lake (Celeron N4500) for all these benchmarks. There are upgrades available in each chip lineup that can get you into a Pentium Silver, but this looks at the base models for this comparison because that is what is most likely going to be inside the affordable Chromebooks.

With numbers like this, small-core Chromebooks have finally arrived in a space where affordable no longer means slow or under-performing. You can confidently pick up an entry-level Jasper Lake Chromebook and get your work done with no issues whatsoever.

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