Introducing the ChromeOS + Cameyo Bundle:  Reducing Cost, Increasing Security, and Improving the User Experience

Introducing the ChromeOS + Cameyo Bundle: Reducing Cost, Increasing Security, and Improving the User Experience

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When it comes to enabling your people to work - and truly be productive - from anywhere, traditionally there has always been a struggle between cost, security, and the user experience. Almost every organization these days is being tasked with reducing cost while also supporting hybrid work - but those cost reductions can’t come at the expense of securing your people, network, and data. And it can’t happen at the expense of the user’s experience and their productivity, either. 

You’re being asked to provide your people with seamless access to all the apps & data they need to be productive from anywhere, all while reducing cost and hopefully increasing security. It’s a tall order, we know. 

Which is precisely why CTL has partnered with Google and Cameyo to bring you a bundle of services that help you accomplish this trifecta. 

For those unfamiliar with Cameyo, it is the Chrome Enterprise Recommended cloud desktop solution that enables you to deliver any application to any device without the need for Windows-based virtual desktops or VPNs. It’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) technology enables you to provide your people with a seamless, native application experience by delivering every app as a PWA - all while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional VDI and DaaS. Cameyo is a long time Google Cloud and ChromeOS partner, and is deeply integrated with both solutions.

Cameyo for Companies

And now, Google and Cameyo have a new bundled solution that makes it easier than ever for organizations like yours to test out the full functionality of ChromeOS + Cameyo. For just $500 (for a 10-user pilot) you get 10 Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses, plus 30 days of an equal amount of Cameyo licenses for free. Additional ChromeOS + Cameyo pilot bundle licenses are only $50 per user, and pilot customers who decide to adopt Cameyo are eligible for up to one year of Cameyo for free with a two-year agreement. 

Is the ChromeOS + Cameyo Bundle Right for You? 

If your organization is looking to accomplish any of the following outcomes, this new Google and Cameyo bundle can help.

Adopting ChromeOS 

If you’re looking to adopt ChromeOS devices, Cameyo ensures that you can deliver all of your apps - including Windows apps - so that your people can continue to have uninterrupted access to the apps & data they need. Windows apps are no longer a roadblock to your adoption of ChromeOS.

For example, Fortune 500 manufacturing leader Sanmina was looking to migrate to ChromeOS, but it still needed to provide it’s people with access to all of the business-critical Windows apps they rely on as well. 

“Cameyo’s platform plays a critical role in enabling our Digital Workplace strategy by removing the legacy application roadblocks that were preventing widespread Chrome adoption here at Sanmina,” said Mario Zúñiga, IT Director, Digital Workplace at Sanmina. “Now our employees can seamlessly access all of their business-critical applications – even our ERP apps that aren’t compatible with Chrome devices – right from the browser or as PWAs with Cameyo. Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery platform is the perfect blend of simplicity, a seamless user experience, and advanced security.”

Providing a Native App Experience on Any Device 

If you’re looking to provide your people with a seamless application experience that doesn’t impede their productivity, Cameyo’s ability to deliver any app as a PWA makes sure the app experience is seamless on ChromeOS, and it’s itegration with the native file system in ChromeOS ensures your people can work as they’ve always worked. It also integrates with Google Admin console, making it easy for you to push apps to users’ ChromeOS devices in minutes. 

“With Cameyo, we can move our employees over to Chrome devices without disrupting their workflows. Cameyo’s platform enables us to give our employees access to the full desktop version of their legacy Windows applications on any Chrome device, but instead of the app needing to be physically installed and managed on each device, Cameyo provides access to those apps through the browser or as PWAs. For our employees, the experience is seamless. We’ve surveyed users to collect feedback on their experience using their apps through Cameyo, and the results were phenomenal,” said Zúñiga of Sanmina. 

Finding an Alternative to the Cost & Complexity of VDI and DaaS

If your organizations needs an alternative to the cost, complexity and security issues of traditional VDI and DaaS, Cameyo’s cloud-native Virtual App Delivery (VAD) eliminates the infrastructure and related cost & complexity of legacy VDI & DaaS. 

“Just looking at month-to-month cost compared to our previous virtual desktop solution, with Cameyo we are paying only 15% of what we used to pay. But then on top of that 85% savings, we also no longer need windows clients, so we save even more money there. In addition, we have far fewer support issues, so we save even more,” said Adam Nerell, Head of IT for Klarahill. [Full case study here]

Increasing Security to Protect Hybrid & Remote Workers, Without Impacting Their Productivity

Ransomware and other attacks have skyrocketed since the move to remote & hybrid work, often times taking advantage of legacy virtual desktop technologies. Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform was designed from the ground up with a Zero Trust security model that dramatically reduces your attack surface by separating users’ devices from your network, separating apps from their devices, preventing lateral movement, and more. 

“One of the biggest draws of migrating to Chrome Enterprise was its security, so we had to find a Virtual App Delivery platform that would preserve our security posture. The fact that Cameyo has a zero-trust security model baked in at its core just adds additional layers of security so that we can confidently enable our employees to work from anywhere, on any device, with the utmost security,” said Sanmina’s Zúñiga. 

As you can see, the combination of ChromeOS and Cameyo is not only proven to reduce costs for enterprises – it does so while enhancing the user experience and increasing your organization’s security posture with zero trust security. 

To get started with this new ChromeOS + Cameyo bundle and experience the benefits yourself for as little as $500, click here

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