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Take Advantage of Google's Location-Based Calendars For Hybrid Workers

Promote better and more reliable communication throughout organizations with Google's location-based calendars that help to stay on track both online and offline.

 Chrome Unboxed  | Guest Contributor

Whether working in a hybrid setting or not, Google Calendar adding the option for users to specify what location they’re working from during an event or shift is a game changer in general. Employees and admins alike can now see who will be in class or in the office on any given day versus who will stay home and complete their work from a more comfortable or safer environment. This promotes better and more reliable communication throughout organizations to stay on track both online and offline.

In your Calendar’s settings, you have the ability to explicitly state which location you’ll be collaborating from and on which days and times as seen above. You can choose from ‘Office’, indicating that you’ll be appearing in person, ‘Home’, meaning, well, I’m pretty sure we all know that one by now, ‘Unspecified’ for when you’re operating from an undisclosed secret military black site, or ‘Somewhere else’ for those times when you may be working from a coffee shop or some other place.

Administrators can already access these settings so they can begin planning out how they will be used for their organization. For their users, once this new location setting rolls out, it will be toggled off by default, but admins can force it ‘ON’ immediately if they so choose.


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