Tariffs: A Letter From Our President

Tariffs: A Letter From Our President

August 13, 2019 - Updated

To our valued customers,

We wanted to update you and share how CTL is responding to recent tariffs related to US Government trade disputes with China.  

As you may know, in May, the United States Government has fully implemented a 25% tariff on list 3 goods that include several of CTL’s products, key components, partner products, and raw materials.  Prior to the increase, the US Government had placed 10% tariffs on these goods. For impacted products, CTL will be phasing in increased pricing to incorporate the tarrifs and will officially roll out new pricing on June 01, 2019.  

 List of CTL current products that are impacted by the tariffs:

  • Certain replacement parts for CTL products 
  • CTL Chromebox’s and CTL PC’s
  • Peripherals including AC adapters, cables, and power supplies
  • Certain raw materials and parts used in CTL products
  • Partner products including storage carts, accessories, and peripherals

UPDATE August 13, 2019 Future Tariff, S 301, list 4. (planned for December 15, 2019- 10%)

On August 01, the US Government announced “list 4” that could impact CTL products including Chromebooks, Tablets, Display monitors, peripherals, and AIO computers.  On August 13, the US Government announced the list 4 implementation will be delayed until 12/15/2019. Should this tariff be implemented, it could have an immediate and material effect on market pricing, effective 12/15/2019.

CTL is committed to designing and building best in class products with outstanding support to our customers worldwide.  We will be studying ways to improve our efficiency and supply chain to lessen the tariff impact on the US market. 

Thank you for your business, partnership, and continued support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your CTL Account Manager.


Erik F. Stromquist


Note: CTL Chromebooks, Tablets, Display monitors, peripherals, and AIO computers prices may reflect current or anticipated tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration. Prices are subject to change without notice due to the fluid nature of this issue. 


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