Thinking about Chromebooks for your students?

Thinking about Chromebooks for Your Students?

When your school needs laptops for their student or is upgrading from the current system, Chromebooks can be an excellent choice. They can be the perfect tool for both distanced and in-person education. In the US, Chromebooks account for 60% of all K-12-related digital device purchases. There are several advantages to using Chromebooks. Let’s take a closer look at them.

A Value for Your Dollar
Many schools are on a tight budget and can’t afford to bring in numerous expensive laptops for students, especially nowadays. While the price of Chromebooks can vary, they are typically a more cost-effective option. For schools launching 1:1 programs, Chromebooks can be particularly beneficial. Chromebooks typically range from $250 to $400, which can be a huge savings on the traditional laptop that might cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

Pairs with G Suite for Education
Perhaps most beneficial, Chromebooks work with G Suite for Education- Google’s free, cloud-based solution. The app groups your email, storage, shared documents, and presentations all in one place. Google Classroom and free apps that support learning make Chromebooks a strong choice.
Distance & Pandemic Learning Approved

With so many school closures due to COVID-19, distanced learning is the main form of education right now. That makes Chromebooks incredibly useful. Because they can instantly work with Google Classroom and can offer shared drive and video options, they make it easy for teachers to guide learning wherever they’re teaching.

School IT Professionals Can Manage Them
The Google Admin console makes managing a Chromebook simple for your IT team. Over 100 policies and settings can be assigned by user or group, like Wi-Fi and proxy settings, app installation and extensions, authorized user creation, and more. Schools can choose setting specific to teachers and students. Or, apply one set of settings for everyone. Focused admin tools also make it easy to launch apps and extensions for a quick setup process.
Students can log in to their Chromebooks with their school-managed G Suite accounts and have automatic access to the apps and settings they need. Each student will be ready to go as soon as they log in, saving time on setup.

Unique Sign-Ins
Students can choose how they want their desktops, browser, and bookmarks to function and then save that information to their Google profile. Their settings will be applied whenever they log in, making Chromebooks a good choice for a shared device.

School-Friendly Boundaries
Chromebooks demand a Wi-Fi connection, limiting what you can install. Many apps and programs can only be accessed through the Chrome browser. This feature safeguards students’ installation of applications, cutting down on risky internet apps and distracted students.

Extended Battery Life
Chromebooks, even entry-level devices, offer great battery life. Knowing a charge will last at least 10 hours means knowing class won’t be disrupted by a student searching for the charging cable.

Are They Right for Your School?
If you’re considering Chromebooks, you’re off to a good start. Think about the above benefits and the power you need in your device when you’re ready to start shopping. These unique computers can make online education easier. When you’re looking for a manageable device that students and teachers can use comfortably, you want a Chromebook.

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