What To Know About USI Stylus

What To Know About USI Stylus

Have you ever heard of a USI stylus? Universal Stylus Initiative is an organization of tech companies working together to expand the capabilities of a stylus with a device. Learn more about USI stylus here.

If you ever used a touchscreen to fill out paperwork or draw, you should know the struggle of trying to use your finger. It can be sloppy and hard to even sign your own name. Using a stylus can be extremely helpful when it comes to any variety of work. 

The acronym “USI” stands for “Universal Stylus Initiative” and is an organization of tech companies that are working to expand their active styluses on any touchscreen device. This is a result of USI certification to enable stylus devices to work with more products. A new standard form of USI was created by Google. They have been pushing for the stylus standard on every Chrome OS device. 

There are many advantages when it comes to USI styluses rather than the original stylus. Instead of using one-way communication, the new products have constant collaboration with your tablet, phone, or computer. This increases its pressure sensitivity and location, making your writing more accurate. 

What Chromebooks Are Compatible With USI? 

Google’s goal is to have every Chromebook working with USI and is continuing to push and expand the product list. All CTL Chromebooks are USI compatible and pair extremely well together.

Drawing with a USI stylus

One of the major questions asked is, how does the USI perform with designers and artists? Like a standard pen, it can be as universal as you want. Many users experienced excellent feedback from drawing on their tablets with the new USI stylus. They compared it to a piece of paper drawing and found it to be identical, some say even better. 

With new advances in technology, it looks brighter than ever on Chrome OS. The new two-way communication between stylus and computer allows the stylus to remember user preference for ink color and stroke. USI styluses are an excellent addition to any CTL Chromebook to maximize productivity. 

Check out USI stylus and Chromebooks to pair with on ctl.net. Special pricing and discounts for qualifying organizations are available, to learn more request a quote here.

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