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CTL Chromebook VX11 Great Choice For Kids Chromebook 2020

The CTL Chromebook J41 was recently named by PC Magazine as one of the top children’s Chromebooks in the market due to its rugged and drop-resistant design and functionality. In 2020, the CTL Chromebook VX11 was released as an upgraded version of the J41 model with some impressive features. The same rugged exterior and drop-resistant design exist but the magic lies within - the CTL Chromebook VX11 has the latest Intel Gemini Lake processor (N4020) with Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.7ghz. Users can stream content-rich and graphic-heavy webpages without interruption which makes for an excellent tool for multitasking. 

The CTL Chromebook VX11 is highly recommended for children because this device is equipped with cloud-based tools that can be accessed anywhere. They learn how to best utilize platforms like Google G Suite and how to collaborate with others virtually. The CTL Chromebook VX11 is a helpful device for students and parents to monitor the child’s use and accessibility.

The CTL Chromebook VX11 model is available for pre-order from CTL.net and can be purchased from resellers, and distributors including Ingram Micro and Synnex.

Customers interesting in bulk purchasing can request a quote here.


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