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CTL Pre-Provisioning Partner for Google Zero-Touch Enrollment

The Google launch of zero-touch enrollment (ZTE) for Chrome OS devices is an alternative to previous manual enrollment processes and makes it easier to deploy Chrome devices to end users. CTL is a verified pre-provisioning partner for Google zero-touch enrollment that will handle the automatic enrollment of each Chrome device for your organization. Any CTL Chrome device purchased after January 2021 will be considered ZTE capable, giving CTL the ability to streamline your organization's setup. 



With zero-touch enrollment, CTL is able to drop ship a fleet of Chrome devices which will automatically enroll the end user and register the device without the need for manual preparation. All the end user needs to do is turn the device on and connect to the internet!


One of the most important steps for your organization is to fill out this FORM TO REQUEST ZTE SERVICES and share the token to initiate the process.  As a pre-provisioning partner, CTL offers ZTE and ZTE Enhanced. See below for a high-level comparison of what is included:



For more information on pre-provisioning of Chrome devices, here is a video explaining how to get started with zero-touch enrollment.

Join us for a CTL webinar on zero-touch enrollment on February 25th, we are excited to share updates and answer any questions your organization has regarding everything ZTE!

Preparing your Chrome devices for use has never been easier with Google zero-touch enrollment. For the latest Chromebooks and Chromeboxes visit ctl.net or please contact us if you are interested in bulk purchasing.




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