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Introducing Google Workspace for Education

Google recently introduced Google Workspace for Education, a way to help with making collaboration easier while keeping a learning environment secure and streamlining instruction to increase productivity. Google Workspace for Education now gives teachers and students tools that can be accessed for free or add on enhanced capabilities depending on your organization’s needs. Learn more about the different editions of Google Workspace for Education and how to best use these new features. 

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (free)

Previously known as G Suite for Education, Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is free for qualifying organizations. The tools offered in the free version include:

  • All collaboration tools like Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forms, etc.
  • All communication tools like Gmail, Google Meet and Google Chat
  • Data encryption and loss prevention for Google Drive and Gmail

Google Workspace for Education Plus ($5/student/year)

Previously known as G Suite Enterprise for Education, Google Workspace for Education Plus is a paid edition per student to provide your organization with a comprehensive technology solution. With advanced analytics and security to enhance learning tools for the classroom, this edition includes everything in the the free edition plus:

  • Up to 100,000 live stream viewers using Google Meet (other versions are up to 10,000)
  • Sync student rosters directly to Google Classroom through any Student Information System
  • Ability to personalize cloud search for organization domain to make research easy and accessible
  • Quick access to product specialists for technical support

Coming soon to Google Workspace for Education

Please note that the above editions are now available as of February 18th, 2021, with two editions due to be released soon and available for purchase. 

Google Workspace for Education Standard ($3/student/year)

Compared to the Plus edition for $5 per student each year, the Google Workspace for Education Standard includes everything in the Education Fundamentals along with:

  • Advanced security and analytics to prevent and detect threats
  • Perform audits and enforce security or app access restriction with advanced device and application management
  • Ability to export Gmail and Classroom logs for better insight through BigQuery
  • Track usage across your domain using audit logs for Google Drive and devices

Teaching and Learning Upgrade ($4/license/month)

This edition is to enhance the impact of teacher instruction through advanced video communication and overall classroom experience. Based per license and on a monthly basis, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade edition includes everything in the Education Fundamentals as well as:

  • Up to 250 meeting participants in Google Meet with up to 10,000 in-domain users for live streams
  • Interactive features to increase engagement through Google Meet like Q&A’s, breakout rooms, polls, etc.
  • Tool integration with other add-ons organizations already use 
  • Better regulation of plagiarism with an unlimited amount of originality reports and peer matching past student work

Google Workspace for Education continues to evolve with many exciting new features and plans to purchase based on the needs of your organization. CTL now makes it easier than ever to buy a Chromebook and get teachers and students up and running in no time. Do you have a question about new Google Workspace for Education plans? Contact us today so we can recommend the best edition for your organization. Planning to buy in bulk? Book a meeting to get your questions answered in real time we’d love to connect! 

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