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CTL Chromebook J41 for Education

$219.00 $274.00 saving $55.00
CTL Chromebook J41 for Education

CTL Chromebook J41 for Education

$219.00 $274.00 saving $55.00

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The CTL J41 Chromebook is the essential design for use in the classroom. This Chromebook gives you amazing performance at a stunning price. You know K-12 students can be tough on hardware. Avoid wasting money on expensive devices that are ridiculously fragile. 

This Chromebook has been custom designed to survive the classroom’s rigors. Your investment will be protected from everyday drops and spills.

The CTL J41 laptop has been designed for the rigors of K-12 education. It features a special textured surface that helps to prevent drops if your students grab their laptops loosely or carelessly.

This device’s keyboard is made of the latest water-resistant materials. The design funnels spills out of the laptop instead of letting liquids destroy internal components. Don’t be fooled: extremely durable materials do not make this Chromebook hard to transport. The entire device has a lightweight body that only weighs 2.45 lbs. That is lighter than most textbooks! Avoid heavy devices that put even more strain on your students’ back.

Your K-12 students shouldn’t have to suffer from brick-like backpacks. Studies have shown it is bad for their sensitive back and lowers growth. Give them a Chromebook they will love.

On the inside, the CTL Chromebook J41 uses Intel's powerful N3350 (or N3450) processor and 4GB of RAM. These allow for short loading screens, instant video streaming, and smooth everyday performance. Classroom’s won’t have to wait for programs or videos to load and students can get to work immediately.

The 11.6" HD screen features an anti-glare coating. This protects students’ eyes by reducing eye strain caused by excessive brightness. Students will focus better when their eyes don’t hurt from staring at the screen all day.

You know what happens when the bell rings: students slam their laptops shut and run out. A sturdy 180-degree hinge helps to protect against screen breaks from rough handling. While other laptops can be damaged by this constant slamming, the CTL J41 is designed to withstand the abuse.

Two USB Type-C ports, and two USB 3.0 ports allow students to have enough space to connect their phones, usb sticks, and other devices. Also features Micro SD port, and a combo audio jack with a HD Web Camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 11.6 Non Glare Panel shows images clearly and reduces eye strain
  • Intel N3350 Celeron Processor
  • Intel HD500 Graphics and Intel wireless
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB EMMC Storage
  • 2 USB Type-C
  • 2 USB 3.0
  • HD Camera
  • 180 Degree Hinge
  • Water resistant keyboard protects laptop from spills
  • Designed to withstand drops from the average accident height (70cm)
  • Weighs a ridiculously light 2.54 lbs

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