5 Ways a Chromebook Can Help Teachers to be More Efficient

5 Ways a Chromebook Can Help Teachers to be More Efficient

Get more done in less time with Chromebooks.

As a K-12 educator, time is of the essence. There often isn’t a moment to spare each school day. That’s why it’s important to make the best use of the time you spend teaching by eliminating distractions and unnecessary tasks that slow you down and decrease efficiency. In fact, it’s an even more compelling reason to seek out ways to be more efficient by combining tasks, using keyboard shortcuts, and simplifying things to make them faster and easier to use.

Here are five ways a Chromebook can make your school day more efficient:

  1. By providing you with timesaving tools and apps. The possibilities are endless. There is a large supply of productivity applications and tools designed to make your job as an educator easier. From password managers to time trackers, you’ve got a plethora of options that meet your needs well.
  2. By allowing you to set up systems that work optimally for you and your students. Experimenting with what works and doesn’t work is part of the education process. It’s easy to do with a Chromebook because you can add and remove apps within seconds. That way, you’re not taking up precious storage space on an application you seldom or never use.
  3. By giving you the opportunity to create and use templates. Using the same form and adapting it to fit the current situation is ideal. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to save time. The Chrome Web Store has apps such as Office Online which allows you to create and save templates that you can alter, send, and print.
  4. By educating you on the latest advances in technology. You can use your Chromebook to stay on top of industry trends. You’ll know what technologies you’re using and how they help your students rise to the top academically. You’re able to share your experiences with these technologies with other K-12 educators throughout the country.
  5. By showing you how to achieve more in less time through helpful tutorials and demonstrations. You can easily watch videos and demos of how to make your experience faster and more efficient. That way, you’re able to recognize the importance of the latest tools and apps and their purpose in your classroom.


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