CTL’s portfolio of Chromebook peripherals and accessories offer superior connectivity, performance, and ergonomics

CTL’s portfolio of Chromebook peripherals and accessories offer superior connectivity, performance, and ergonomics

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While known for its complete line of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, CTL also offers an exceptional selection of peripherals and accessories. These products help users to connect better and faster, protect their devices, and compute effortlessly with the latest tools.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards

Featuring the latest connected and energy-saving technology, the CTL keyboard for Chromebook is designed for productivity and long-life. Its slim, minimalist design saves space and promotes ergonomic advantages. The CTL keyboard can be ordered by itself or as a combo with a CTL Bluetooth mouse. Both are Works with Chromebook certified.

The Logitech Chrome OS edition is a ultra-slim, compact, and quiet keyboard for computers, phones, or tablets with a special Chrome OS layout.

Works with Chromebook Certified Pens/Tablets

The One by Wacom pen tablet is a versatile tool for teachers and students who need a digital pen to teach and learn naturally in today's online or hybrid classrooms. Ideal for teachers and students in both K12 and higher education, the One by Wacom gives teachers the ability to write naturally on online whiteboards like Google Jamboard, create engaging video presentations and digitally annotate their students work in online teaching or meeting platforms like Zoom. 

CTL’s USI universal stylus pen is compatible with CTL Chromebook touchscreen models NL72T and NL72TW. Instead of using one-way communication, the new products have constant collaboration with a tablet, phone, or computer. This increases its pressure sensitivity and location, making writing easier and more accurate. 


Select from two affordable headphones from Cyber Acoustics. The AC-6008 is a quality stereo headset that is perfect for today’s demanding classrooms, offices and workspaces. It utilizes a single 3.5mm plug and is compatible with Apple®, Chromebook™, Android™, most desktop computers, and more.

The ACM-70B stereo computer headphones feature 27mm, dynamic drivers, so audio sounds crisper and smoother. Featuring soft foam ear pads and personal adjustability, this budget headphone is ideal for travel.

Device Protection

CTL offers three categories of protective cases for Chromebooks - case sleeves, “always on” cases, and snap-on cases.

CTL’s Vantage Sleeve for 11" Chromebooks is a sleek, slim, and highly protective sleeve style case. It can be used inside backpacks or as a free standing sleeve.

The CTL Always On 11" Chromebook Case is a smart choice for protection, productivity and durability. The work-in design is ideal for school and transport.

CTL offers the Infocase Snap-on case for CTL Chromebook models NL72 and NL72-LTE and NL72T and NL72TW. These cases provide lightweight protection that prevents scratching and offers non-slip corners to cut down on sliding. Installing them is as easy as snapping them into place, and there is always open access to all the device’s ports. The polycarbonate structure is tough and offers visibility for scanning barcodes to keep track of devices.

Computer Monitors

CTL Computer Monitors are one of the best values on the market. With stunning LCD displays from 22" to 32", CTL LCD monitors are a cost-effective workhorse for the office or classroom. CTL computer monitors feature the newest technologies, including ADS screens, 4K resolution, touch screens, and LED panels.

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