An A to Z List to a Well-Stocked Classroom

An A to Z List to a Well-Stocked Classroom

What every teacher needs to survive another school year.

Teachers have a lot of responsibilities to address when it comes to managing a classroom. Not only are they responsible for creating a structured learning environment for students, they’re often required to buy their own supplies to use during lessons. Making sure that your classroom is stocked with everything you need at the start of the school year is important as it doesn’t cause delays in learning. There is enough of each supply to go around without the need for students to share what they have with their fellow classmates.


Here is a list of things every teacher needs for their classroom:

  • Absentee Sheets. Keep track of attendance easily with a hard copy on your CTL computer that you can print and photocopy regularly.
  • Books. Encourage classroom reading by having your own collection of books available for students to read.
  • Chalk. A necessity if you have a chalkboard in the classroom that you use to illustrate ideas or solve equations.
  • Decorations. Creating a safe and welcoming environment for students and school staff starts with you.
  • Educational Posters. It gives students things to think about and refer to.
  • Flags. For the Pledge of Allegiance and lessons involving other countries.
  • Guidebooks. A written record of how students are to behave in the classroom.
  • Hand Sanitizer. For keeping germs away.
  • Instant Coffee or Tea. A lifesaver when a teacher can’t get away to the breakroom.
  • Junky Shirts for Messy Activities. To protect kids’ clothing from messes.
  • Kits. For self-led activities that require students to read instructions and do the tasks listed.
  • Label Maker. To keep everything neat and organized.
  • Manual Pencil Sharpener. For sharpening those No. 2 pencils.
  • Notecards. For lessons and jotting down notes.
  • Office Supplies. Pens, paper, paper clips, staples, and sticky notes fall under this category.
  • Permission Slips. For field trips and other special events.
  • Quotes. To encourage students to seek their own greatness.
  • Roll Call Sheet. Keeping track of who is in class and who isn’t is easy with a roster.
  • Substitute Binder. Give the sub a heads up on your class routine and current lesson plan and access to your CTL Chromebook password.
  • Textbooks. For giving your students the knowledge they need to acquire on a particular subject.
  • Umbrella. To help younger students get out to their parents’ cars or the bus safely.
  • Visual Aids. A visual reminder of what is being taught in class.
  • Welcome Message. A way to introduce yourself to your students.
  • Xtreme Wite-Out. For the days that you make mistake after mistake.
  • Yellow Highlighter. Staying on top of important information and great ideas that you’d like to share in the classroom.
  • Ziploc Bags. For keeping items sorted and organized in bins or buckets.

A well-stocked classroom addresses needs from A to Z. It takes into account the things that could be used throughout the year as well as items that are classroom staples. By acknowledging which types of lessons and projects that are being taught throughout the year, teachers have plenty of time in advance to acquire the items needed to stock their classrooms. They have the must-haves and the might-needs covered before the first day of class.

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