Chrome OS document scanning

Chrome OS Direct Document Scanning

Chrome OS camera app now supports the ability to capture a document directly instead of having to scan through the traditional built-in 'Scan' app. CTL Chromebooks with world-facing cameras makes it easier than ever to scan whatever you need to with ease, no matter where you are.

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On Chrome OS 96 Canary, the camera app now displays the message you see below, indicating that instead of having to scan through the traditional built-in ‘Scan’ app, you can capture a document directly.

Chrome OS document scanning


Scan your document

Place all edges of the document within the frame. Scanning works best if the document and background are different colors.

After opening the app itself, a new ‘Scan’ option appears on the bottom navigation alongside the pre-existent ‘Video’, ‘Photo’, ‘Square’, and ‘Portrait’ options. Once you dismiss the tutorial message, all you’ll need to do is point your Chromebook at the document, line up the edges and snap the shutter button.

This feature may be a bit difficult to use if you don’t have a Chromebook with a world-facing camera or a tablet device that has a standard rear-facing sensor. Once you place a document in the frame of the camera, a blue bounding box will intelligently adjust around it, moving and shifting to appropriately capture the edges. If you aren’t doing it right, a message will appear at the top reminding you to ‘color in the lines, so to speak. You may also notice that the QR Code scanner is now built-in to the document scanner – they’re one and the same with a simple flip of the switch.

You’ve now captured a document. On the bottom-left, you’ll be presented with a ‘Retake’ option, just in case, it wasn’t to your liking. On the bottom-right, you’ll see ‘Save as Photo’ and ‘Save as PDF’ options, both of which drop the new document into your Files app. We’re not yet sure when this is due to roll out, but seeing it appear as usable and very well polished today means it can’t be far off.

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