CTL Introduces Streamlined Device Repair Portal

CTL Introduces Streamlined Device Repair Portal

Customers will see a faster, easier-to-use and more comprehensive device repair process with an investment in new software and systems

CTL customers looking to get Chromebooks, Chomeboxes, and other devices repaired will experience an improved process that is faster, gives more control to the users, and provides valuable data to track performance.

“At CTL, we wanted to reinvent and rethink our service business to give more transparency and make the process easier for our partners and customers,” explains Erik Stromquist, CTL’s CEO. “As a valued added OEM that provides service in over 55 countries, we are in a unique position to lead the industry for serviceability and sustainability and we will continually update our portal to better serve our customers.”

CTL worked with Fixably, a leading electronics repair solution, to design an innovative new repair management portal that automates internal and external repair processes. Among other things, the portal improves efficiency by automating as much of the repair process as possible. Examples include:

  • Integration of multiple existing systems into one for simpler processing of repair orders
  • Faster repair turnaround times mean customers get their devices back into action sooner
  • Customers can login to a portal to view status of repair orders, run reports (coming soon), and manage fleets
  • Reduction of paperwork by using automation workflows
  • New planning processes result in faster repairs, better management of parts, and improved customer satisfaction
  • CTL devices, serial numbers, and service contacts are pre-loaded into the system to automate repair management and eliminate human errors

“I’m really satisfied with CTL’s new repair management process using Fixably,” says Dave Anand, Technical Support Representative at Portland Public Schools. “It has improved the communication and efficiency aspects of the overall experience.”

“CTL has demonstrated that we have one of the strongest Chrome device service offerings in the industry with a 5-day guaranteed repair turnaround, our fast track service program, and our innovative Chromebook trade-in program,” adds Mike Mahanay, CTL’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re committed to leading the industry with the best in-warranty and out-of-warranty service, and our new repair portal will contribute to that.”

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