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The Government ThinkPad Tablet 2 available from CTL® offers mobility, manageability and security to state and local IT professionals.

Lenovo Government ThinkPad 2 available at CTL

Increasingly, agency mobility is the top priority of state and local government IT professionals, but manageability and security are also important. Now you can have it all with the Government ThinkPad Tablet 2 solution from Lenovo, available at CTL®. This lightweight tablet brings Intel processing power, all-day battery life and the productivity of Windows 8 whenever you need it.

The Government ThinkPad Tablet 2 can help you to collect and share critical data on the go, stay connected in and out of the office, tap into the power of touch and have peace of mind with robust security from TPM and Secure BIOS.

To learn more about the Government ThinkPad Tablet 2 and other Lenovo products available at CTL®, contact your sales rep today or call 800-642-3087 and visit http://www.ctl.net/lenovo.

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