CTL’s Amazon Store: Get It in Time with Amazon Prime

CTL’s Amazon Store: Get It in Time with Amazon Prime

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Did you know that many of your favorite CTL products are available in our Amazon Store? That’s right, everything from monitors to our line of ruggedized Chromebooks. Now, this holiday season you can get your CTL products just in time through Amazon Prime. We wanted to run down the top 4 selling products available on Amazon Prime.


CTL J5 Chromebook

The J5 Convertible Chromebook for education features sturdy 360-degree hinges which allow this unit to be rotated from laptop mode to tablet mode. The 11.6” HD Touch Screen can be used in any mode. This is also one of CTL’s rugged Chromebooks, making it tougher than others with a water-resistant keyboard and drop resistant design. Another great feature is the 10-hour battery life which keeps you working all day without a charger. (You can also buy the J5 Chromebook directly from CTL here).


CTL NL61 Chromebook

The NL61 Chromebook is a great option for students of all ages. This rugged Chromebook lasts up to 12.5 hours allowing students to make it all the way through homework and still have enough battery to catch up on their favorite Netflix shows. The 180-degree rotating camera is perfect for the aspiring video director or scientist with the optional microscope lens. This tough unit has a water-resistant keyboard and drop resistant design. The unit also features a unique retractable carry handle and non-slip texture to help prevent drops. (You can also buy the NL61 Chromebook directly from CTL here).


CTL NL61T Chromebook

Like the NL61, the NL61T Touchscreen Chromebook features an IPS Touchscreen with a rugged design and up to 12.5 hours of battery life. We do mean rugged as this Chromebook features a water-resistant keyboard and is drop tested to 70cm. Like the NL61, this unit also has a 180-degree rotating camera and retractable carry handle. (You can also buy the NL61T Chromebook directly from CTL here).


CTL IP2380S 24" ADS Monitor

You’ll love seeing your work in a whole new way with the 24” LED monitor from CTL. Ideal for photographers, graphic designers, engineers, and other professional work that requires high resolutions. This monitor also contains stereo speakers, headphone jacks, and HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA input. The product is warrantied through CTL for 3 years. So stop fighting limited screen space on small laptop monitors and enjoy the freedom to have a sweeping overview of your projects on this 24” monitor. (You can also buy the IP2380S directly from CTL here).


All these products and tons more are available on Amazon Prime, so order now and have them for the holidays. Visit our Amazon Store to find all available CTL Prime products.



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