CTL’s J5 Spill Resistant Chromebook in Action

Spill-Resistant Chromebooks: The CTL J5 Chromebook is being replaced by the CTL NL7T and NL7TW Chromebook models. With updated processors and convertible capabilities, CTL's rugged line of Chromebooks is a convenient and efficient solution for school, work, and personal use.

Spill-Resistant Chromebook: The Video Evidence

Accidental liquid spills might not be as much of an ordeal compared to other devices with the spill resistant keyboard featured on the CTL J5 Chromebook.

At least that’s what our Spain team found when they did the unthinkable and poured almost a whole can of Coke on the J5! You might ask how can that be? Well, each CTL Chromebook has a built-in membrane around the keyboard and touchpad that channels up to 11 oz. of liquid away from important electronics. That’s almost a whole bottle of water, or in this case Coke! If a spill occurs, all the user needs to do is tip the Chromebook up and allow the liquid to drain off before wiping down. Please note, we don’t recommend this, not only is it a waste of a delicious Coca Cola, but it’s not covered under warranty**. However, what it does show is the spill-resistant keyboard in action, so you don’t have to try it at home. Instead you can watch the video below, and save your Coca-Cola for a little midday boost

J5 Chromebook Needs No Introduction:

The J5 was rated as one of PCMag’s top 10 Chromebooks of 2017. It’s also one of our most popular Chromebook models, featuring a lay-flat design, sturdy 360 degree hinge, multi-touch gesture touchscreen with excellent viewing angles. As if a spill-resistant keyboard wasn’t enough, the J5 also has a drop-resistant design, and up to 12 hours of battery life!

You can read up more about the J5 Chromebook and all CTL’s other Chromebooks for Education on the Chromebooks Product page. If you’re interested in special reseller or educational pricing contact one of CTL’s sales reps today!

**Please Note: Always be careful with liquids around your Chrome device. Water and or other liquid damage is not covered by CTL’s Standard Chromebook warranty. Please note that liquids other than water may leave performance hindering residue.


*NOTE: The J5 is no longer available and is being replaced with the NL7T and NL7TW.

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