Google Chrome OS 100 is On Its Way to Chromebooks!

Google Chrome OS 100 is On Its Way to Chromebooks!

Google Chrome OS 100 is coming to Chromebooks. Here’s a brief rundown of what we can expect.

An Improved Chrome OS Launcher

The new Launcher addresses a much-sought-after usability update. Chromebooks have improved the layout and automatic, or custom, organization. Best of all, while before it showed a brief look at your search results, you’ll now see much more.

You can check the weather or look up an author’s name without leaving Launcher. Searching for Chromebook shortcuts, like screenshots and turning on the caps lock, is also much simpler.

Editing text with Dictation

he Chrome OS 100 adds voice text editing to the voice-to-text feature, which can be a huge time saver.

GIFs in Chrome OS 100

A new entertaining feature is the GIF maker. The Camera app will have a new photo mode for creating animated GIFs. You’ll be able to record a five-second clip and share it with your social network.

Updated Android VM

On, Google mentioned an Android apps update on Chrome OS devices.

ARCVM, launched in 2021 with Android 11, is rolling out to devices. It uses virtual machines (VM) to improve the Android environment isolation for better security and maintainability.

That is a significant change to the Android runtime environment. Additionally, the ARCVM adds the VM technology used for Linux and puts Android apps in their virtual machine. That means no more Android patches, so Android can quickly and easily be updated.

School Accounts for Family Link

Chrome OS 100 allows parents to create and oversee their kid’s school accounts through Family Link. It will use Google Classroom on supervised Chromebooks. Moreover, the new YouTube app for Chrome OS will have options for offline watching, so an internet connection isn’t required for shared videos.

Chromebook Insights for Admins

Google will also offer a new reporting feature that allows admins to monitor and supervise enrolled devices. The updated Chrome Management Telemetry API provides comprehensive information regarding device performance, and you can craft tailored reports.

Chrome OS 100 Overall

The Chrome OS update fundamentally changes the way users interact with their Chromebooks through the updated applications launcher. In addition, there are several new updates that are helpful for the classroom or the office. Overall the 100th Chrome OS update improves the usability of Chromebooks for all types of users.

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