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Google Drive Will Inform Users Of Content Violations Via Email

Get the most out of Google Drive by getting notified via email of any file violations. The email notice will allow users to approve or deny content and edit any explicit content, hate speech, spam and more.

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Google Drive allows you to store almost any and all filetypes from general formats like zip archives, images, audio, and videos to Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe files. While it was originally only really known for its Document storage, it’s become so much more over the years.

With that, however, many people have forgotten that there are still rules for what you can and can not store there, but that hasn’t stopped people from doing so. Things like hate speech, sexually explicit material, spam, violence and gore, and everything else unspeakable that’s listed in the company’s Abuse Program Policies and Enforcement support article.

The service has always enforced these policies for the protection of its users, and of course, for its own liability, but until now, any files that violated these terms have simply been restricted against public sharing. In an update to this process, Google is now also sending users who go against the grain an email that details the violation and alerts them of how they can request a review of the restriction in case it was a mistake.

google drive email violations

When a Google Drive file is identified as violating Google’s Terms of Service or program policies, it may be restricted. When it’s restricted, you may see a flag next to the filename, you won’t be able to share it, and your file will no longer be publicly accessible, even to people who have the link. 

In the past, if your file was accidentally flagged, but did not break the rules in Drive, no appeal process or information was sent to you directly via email, making it difficult to straighten things out. Google wants to solve this by ensuring that users remain protected from abusive content, while at the same time making certain that everyone has a chance to get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

This has already begun to roll out to both Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains and will continue into January 2022 until it’s activated for everyone across all Workspace tiers, and G Suite licenses. At this time, there’s no mention of this update coming to those with personal Google Accounts, but logically, it follows that this would come down the line.

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