Network File Sharing (NFS) and Chrome OS: Getting Started

Network File Sharing (NFS) and Chrome OS: Getting Started

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Until recently, internal storage wasn’t a strong suit for Chrome OS devices. Thankfully, newer Chromebooks have begun shipping with a minimum of 64GB of storage with some having up to half a terabyte of storage space. That said, there are still some decided advantages to having access to offsite storage space that’s hosted by another PC or macOS device. The process is relatively simple and only requires a secondary device that’s connected to the same network as your Chrome OS device.

Network File Sharing offers numerous advantages and the use cases run the gamut. You may just want a secondary device on which you can offload files from your Chromebook to free up space. Perhaps you need a centralized location to share and save files with multiple users and local storage is a better option than using a cloud service. Whatever the reason, NSF is a great option and setting it on your Chromebook can be done in just a few, easy steps.

Obviously, you will need a second device to serve as your file host. This could be a Windows PC or a macOS device. We’ll cover methods for setting up both of these scenarios and you can use the one that works best for you. As mentioned, the host device will need to be connected to the same network on which you are using your Chromebook or other Chrome OS device. If you want to access the host computer at any time, you will also need to ensure that the device is set to not power down when idle.

NFS on Windows
To set up NFS with a Windows PC as your host, open the Windows File Explorer and locate the folder that you’d like to use for sharing. Right-click the folder and select “properties.” Next, click on the Sharing tab and then click Share. You will be presented with a Network Access window. Use the account name from your PC and then select the permission level you would like to use with the folder. You can allow network access users to only read files or you can give them read/write access if needed. If you’re using this for yourself, you can choose read/write for full access.

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