Revolutionize Your Classroom with the AI-Powered Chromebook Plus

Revolutionize Your Classroom with the AI-Powered Chromebook Plus

For K-12 EdTech administrators, finding the right tools is crucial to creating an engaging, efficient, and effective educational environment. One such tool is Chromebook Plus with AI features—a game-changer in modern education. This blog post will explore how these cutting-edge devices can transform your classrooms, boost engagement, and streamline tasks.

What is Chromebook Plus?

Chromebook Plus is an advanced version of the traditional Chromebook, infused with powerful AI features designed to elevate the educational experience. These devices are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of educators and students, providing a seamless integration of technology and learning. CTL has just introduced its CTL Chromebook Plus PX141 Series to empower users to be more productive, creative, and connected.

What AI Functionality is Included on the Chromebook Plus?

According to Google, here is what to expect in terms of AI on the Chromebook Plus:

1. Help Me Write. Bring the power of Google AI to where you write — whether it's a summary of a research paper, a review on a website, a PDF form, or a web app installed on your Chromebook. Simply right click to get suggestions or change the tone to fit your audience. 

2. Generative AI wallpaper and video call backgrounds. This functionality is now built into the OS — no matter what video conferencing app you’re using. Use the included sample prompts to build backgrounds from whimsical to subject-related, from school-spirited to corporate. 

3. Magic Editor on Google Photos.  Exclusively on Chromebook Plus, this AI-powered app makes photo editing a breeze. Select a photo to edit in the Google Photos app and simply tap the “Magic Editor” button to get started. You can also use contextual suggestions to improve the lighting and background, reimagining your photo with a few easy clicks.

4. Enhanced video calling tools. AI provides the power to blur backgrounds, adjust lighting, and enhance clarity for calls within any video calling app - Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom.

5. Integrated Gemini. Need to spark a new idea? The Gemini icon is right on the home screen of the Chromebook Plus, making it easy to find and use. 

With Chromebook Plus billed as an "AI PC," Google plans to further integrate Gemini throughout the Google Workspace ecosystem, as they previewed in this recent blog.  


Safe AI Access Prepares Students and the Workforce for the Future

By intelligently integrating AI technology into the classroom in a safe, controlled way, you'll prepare students and teachers alike for the future. Familiarity with AI tools and systems will give them a competitive edge in higher education and the workforce.

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