Six-Digit PIN Login For Chromebooks With H1 Security Chips

Six-Digit PIN Login For Chromebooks With H1 Security Chips

Google recently hosted The Anywhere School 2021, announcing upcoming updates to assist students, educators and admins in improving hybrid classroom environments. One important rollout to take note of is the implementation of a six-digit PIN code with a security chip to enhance protection and privacy. Learn more here.
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Beginning in August, Google is rolling out a six-digit PIN login for Chromebooks in the Education space. Today, during the company’s ‘The Anywhere School 2021‘, several updates were announced that will assist students, educators, and admins in improving their hybrid classrooms.

Instead of having to remember and type in a long lock screen password, those with a device with an H1 security chip will have an added layer of security and convenience to begin their day with. They will be prompted to unlock their assigned Chromebooks using the six-digit PIN of their choosing going forward. Administrators will still have the ability to enable or disable this feature via the Admin Console, so if it’s not something you think you’ll utilize, it’s a quick switch.

You can see this in action in the GIF above and is no doubt a welcome addition to the growing force of Education features that are being added into a Workspace subscription. Other updates announced during the Anywhere School event include a new panning method for the fullscreen magnifier Accessibility feature, Chrome Insights Reports to check expiration dates on fleet devices, and Chromebox tutorials that are interactive. All of this should help Workspace for Education subscribers get the most out of their devices in the ever-evolving digital classroom that has become the new normal.

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