Webinar: Distribu-Q Deployment Management Software

Webinar: Distribu-Q Deployment Management Software

We at CTL know that one of the hardest parts of a 1:1 deployment is managing your Chromebooks in an efficient and organized manner. Whether you’re looking to track your repairs, manage inventory of Chromebooks, or communicate with staff, students, and parents. Distribu-Q is Software designed for the education ecosystem to positively impact the work of teachers, school leaders, students, and their families. We’ve added them as a partner option for CTL’s 1:1 Chromebook Deployment solution.

What is Distribu-Q?

Distribu-Q is a company that saw a deficit in managing a Chromebook Deployment in education. With insider understanding from CEO and CoFounder, Redouane “Red” Sabbar, who hails from an education background managing on-site media in school, Distribu-Q set about to create a holistic Chromebook Deployment management systems to help schools and IT administrators manage Chromebooks in an education setting.

To see a demo sign up or watch the April 11th Webinar with Red from Distribu-Q

Distribu-Q Aids Chromebook Deployments:

Distribu-Q allows you to easily import in all your new devices into their system, and manage them through their Admin Dashboard. This is a great solution to integrate with CTL's white glove service so that your devices can easily be cataloged and ready for distribution.

1:1 Chromebook Distribution Made Easy:

Once your Chromebook information is entered into the Distribu-Q system or downloaded automatically from your Google Admin Console, they are ready to distribute to students. Distribu-Q allows you to maintain all records for Chromebooks and Student information within your dashboard. This takes the place of disorganized and outdated spreadsheets, and allows for everything you need to manage your classroom deployment to happen in one place.

Repair Tracking is Streamlined with Distribu-Q management and CTL repairs:

Having a broken device can be a hassle with managing repair and loaner devices, but with distribu-Q, it’s easy to keep track of repairs in the same dashboard where you manage everything else. CTL’s 5-day Turnaround for Fast Track for Education customers gets Chromebooks back to students, while Distribu-Q helps you track, notify, and manage repair and loaner devices.

Communication is Key with Chromebook Deployments:

Need to communicate with all stakeholders regarding a repair, damage, or loss of a student’s Chromebook? Distribu-Q’s system allows you to manage a device’s contacts from parents, students, administrators, and teachers by sending out emails and managing contact information in their easy to use Dashboard.

Is Distribu-Q Right for Your Chromebook Deployment?

As part of CTL’s ongoing Professional Development Monthly Webinar program for educators we bring you a great walk-through and discussion on the topics addressed here as well as a demo of Distribu-Q. April 11th, 2018 is the Distribu-Q Webinar and a great place to have any questions answered by Redouane “Red” Sabbar, CEO & Co-Founder. If you aren’t able to attend the live webinar, you can still catch the webinar at a later date. Visit http://ctl.info/webinars/

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