Why Chromebooks Are Great For Homeschoolers

Why Chromebooks Are Great For Homeschoolers

Distance learning and remote collaboration have become an ideal option for parents when deciding how to approach the next school year. Homeschooling could be the best choice and Chromebooks are an affordable option providing significant value and opportunities. 

Distance learning and remote collaboration have become an ideal option for parents when deciding how to approach the next school year. Homeschooling could be the best choice for students that thrive through a distance learning approach and looking to work autonomously while virtually collaborating with others. Chromebooks are a great choice for homeschoolers for a variety of reasons! With a cloud-based operating system, the ability to access thousands of apps simultaneously, and more, Chromebooks are a great budget-friendly, simple, and reliable option for students to use daily performing educational tasks and fun activities too! Here’s a quick breakdown of why Chromebooks are great for homeschoolers and how to choose the right Chromebook for your homeschooler.

Affordable Chromebooks for homeschoolers

One reason why Chromebooks are so popular in the education sector is because of their affordability. Chromebooks can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a typical PC or iOS computer would run for, which makes it an ideal technology solution for school districts. Chromebooks typically cost under $400 which also allows some wiggle room for other related homeschooling necessities like an extra monitor or tablet. 

Easy to use Chromebooks

Since Chromebooks have been implemented in many schools around the nation already, students are most likely to be accustomed to using a Chrome device. If your homeschooler is not familiar with Chromebooks, don’t worry! Chromebooks are among the easiest devices to learn how to use. Just power up, log in Google account and in less than 10 seconds and you’re good to go!

Chromebook features extra security protection and antivirus software

In schools, it is very important to have extra security measures in place when having students handle Chromebooks and access to the internet. With Chromebooks, you have the ability to customize security measures and control what your student has access to. Chromebooks are very helpful in keeping your child safe online while staying at the tasks at hand. Plus, with Google, you’ll never have to worry about installing or paying extra for antivirus software. With routine automatic updates, your Chromebook will be able to perform at its best without you having to do any type of heavy work.

G Suite has it all

Each Chromebook gets access to G Suite and with a homeschooler’s profile, they can use G Suite for emails, chatting through Google Hangouts, video conferencing through Google Meet, and more. There are so many ways to collaborate with other students and communicate in real-time without being in the same room.

Chromebook gaming

Chromebooks aren’t all work and no play. In fact, Chromebooks can make almost any educational activity fun to learn! With many Chrome extensions and apps available on the Chrome Web Store, it’s so easy to find a game to incorporate into a lesson plan. And once school is out for the day, your homeschooler can play other fun (yet mentally stimulating) games similar to playing on a game console!

Side note, Chromeboxes make excellent and affordable cloud gaming devices. At under 6 inches around and packed with tons of power, your homeschooler can also use this device with a monitor as a space-saving solution to a desktop replacement!

Best Chromebooks for homeschoolers

The CTL Chromebook VX11 is an upgraded version of previous models and is the definition of a power machine. With the latest Intel Gemini Lake processor (N4020) with Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, this affordable Chromebook is under $230 and has the quality of a device costing three times the amount. Many students (and parents!) love this Chromebook for its dependability and rugged, drop-resistant design!

The CTL Chromebook NL71 is the latest ultra-light rugged option that is also drop-resistant and durable. With 9650 wireless and the latest Intel processors, this Chromebook also has great battery life so the learning can last all day. This device has a retractable handle so it can be taken with you wherever you go. For under $250 this Chromebook will you give you top-notch performance. 

The CTL Chromebook NL71TWB is a great touchscreen option and includes a Wacom® EMR pen and 11.6" LCD Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This model boasts 8GB and 64GM EMMC storage so you can rely on this powerhouse device to enhance your homeschooler’s productivity. With the latest Quad-core Intel 410 processors, load content-heavy webpages and stream high-definition videos quickly and easily!

Chromebooks are an affordable and easy way to allow educational access to a homeschooler. With many options available at CTL, there are many ways to enhance your homeschooling experience! For more resources on how to get the most out of your Chromebook, check out our Best Tips For Using Google Docs On Your ComputerHow To Set Up Google Hangouts Chat On Your Devices, and How To Set Up and Use Google Hangouts Meet On Your Chromebook.


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