Why students need Chromebooks in the classroom

Why Your Students Need Chromebooks in the Classroom

With new circumstances leading to online school, your child must have the materials they need to continue learning everywhere. Many schools are using Chromebooks for online programs. With the combination of high performance and low cost for web applications, Chromebooks are becoming North America's device of choice for schools all over the country.

As time goes on computer literacy is becoming a key component of every student's learning plan. Providing students with the best-updated technology and the greatest learning tool, the internet, they can learn beyond their books. Chromebooks now surpass iPads and other devices for school choices in learning technology.

Saving Money

 Chromebooks are one of the most money and time-saving products. A recent Forbes article states reasons why teachers choose Chromebooks over iPads. Compared to the standard textbooks Chromebooks are more efficient and easier to distribute.
Chromebooks Help Gain Insight Into Student Behavior

 Over 20 years of the rapid expansion of technology, there are so many ways students and teachers can access information. Although there are many positives to the internet, it comes with a dark side. Kids are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate content, predators, and even cyberbullies. With the 1:1 device policy educators and parents can control what their kids can get access to. By blocking potential dangerous content such as sexual or inappropriate sites and collecting data from their students.
Chromebooks Help To Get Rid of Achievement Gap

 The Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education found that technology, when implemented properly, can also close the achievement gap between students classified as “high-performing” and “at-risk.” About 20% of low-income families state they don’t have internet in their households. Therefore choosing a cost-efficient product such as the Chromebook students are given the ability to access their learning resources. It also allows students to explore more concepts from different angles using different representations. By using online word processing, spreadsheets, databases, webpage production, and presentation software teachers can help the failing students in 9th grade and outperform students in high-track AP classes. Computers create interaction in classrooms and accommodate different learning styles in ways that the standard curriculum cannot.
Chromebooks Are Green

 With the usage of Chromebooks, we are dramatically reducing the usage of paper. Teachers can put out tests, textbooks, homework assignments, projects, and student reporting all online. The average school uses over 74 trees worth of paper every year! With the use of Chromebooks, will decrease the considerable impact on the environment. This will lead to the reduction of printer ink, hard copy books, and teaching materials.
Simplified Chromebook Hardware Translates to Greater Performance

 As many Chromebooks appear to act as a regular notebook they have many other advantages that come with it. Chromebooks trade away the large hard drives creating a lightweight operating system and allowing faster boot times and browsing sites. It has enhanced virus protection and better battery life on both devices and the cloud.

As we change over to Chromebooks it is known to keep students engaged. Technology in schools is seen to keep students focused and improve their communication with students close and far. The Chromebook has been an outstanding tool for improving the minds of our children and creating success.



In addition to all the above, Chromebooks are equipped with the latest technology, including Touchscreen. Learn more about touchscreen and and Chromebook technology in the following article by Chrome Unboxed:  How to Disable the Touchscreen or Touchpad on your Chromebook

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