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Zero-Touch Enrollment Success Story: Emporia Public Schools

As a pre-provisioning partner for Google zero-touch enrollment (ZTE), here at CTL we’ve helped customers gain success through seamless Chromebook deployment via ZTE services. A standout example of this is Emporia Public Schools, a district that has worked with Google Workspace for Education for over ten years and in need of a service that removes the manual provisioning process. 

“With ZTE, I no longer have to block out two solid weeks over the summer just to set up and enroll our new Chromebooks. Google has designed the process to be easy, and it is. It just works.”

- Paul Beadles, Director of IT Operations, Emporia Public Schools

Read more here about Emporia Public Schools and their latest Chromebook deployment with adopted CTL zero-touch enrollment services to reduce time and eliminate errors with typical provisioning processes. 

Preparing your Chrome devices for use has never been easier with Google zero-touch enrollment. For the latest Chromebooks and Chromeboxes visit ctl.net or please contact us if you are interested in bulk purchasing.