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Power On with CTL

2020 has been a year of constant change and proved difficult for everyone in various capacities. CTL makes powering through the added challenges and obstacles of distance learning and remote work less stressful with award-winning hardware and customer service to match.

Introducing The CTL “Power On” Campaign

This is the inspiration behind CTL’s new “Power On” Campaign. 

While it can be hard managing all of the digital daily tasks and to-dos, it is important to have reliable hardware and a secure connection to get through the day. Whether at work, getting an education or bringing a passion project to life, CTL is committed to help you Power On your ideas and persevere day in and day out. 

Power On through the pandemic

With school and work environments relying more on technology, CTL’s wide range of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and monitors can completely transform a workspace to set users up for success. A major priority for CTL is to continue efforts in providing digital equity to vulnerable communities, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. CTL Power On is more than just a saying but also an ongoing initiative to bridge the technology gap. 

Power on through the school day

Learning in the classroom or collaborating online requires technology tools to keep students and teachers powered on throughout the day. With distance learning and hybrid classrooms becoming more normalized, it is essential to have the security and reliability to power on whenever and wherever. Students and teachers won’t miss a beat with collaborative features, facilitating engagement and collaborative learning.

Power On through the workday

The demands of work can easily lead to a disorganized work process. With CTL devices, users are able to remain focused with Google apps to help them stay on track, long battery life to ensure little interruption and a safe and reliable connection to keep your files safe and secure. 

CTL devices provide a user-friendly experience that will keep powered on through the work day. 

Power on through downtime

CTL encourages a work-life balance and considers it a priority to manage the daily stresses of any given day. Although technology is great for productivity purposes, CTL devices also power on your interests and allow you to work and play with ease. With powerful processors, users are able to maximize the fun and minimize the frustration.

With CTL, Power On the biggest ideas and work through the toughest of days knowing you have the tools to be as successful as you wish to be. Stay strong, plug away, and persevere with the peace of mind that CTL technology is right there working alongside you. Visit ctl.net for current and upcoming projects to support Power On as we are excited to do more for the community. Have a question? Contact us, we love to chat!