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Power On with eBikes at CTL

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, CTL has implemented an employee eBike check-out program, supplying Lectric eBikes for employee commutes. CTL employees can now check out a Lectric eBike to ride at their leisure whether on their lunch break or commuting to and from work! CTL is committed to helping employees maintain a healthy work life balance and the availability of eBikes will be one of many initiatives to support the 2021 CTL “Power On” campaign.

We hope to use eBikes at CTL to encourage employees to “Power On” not only in work but in downtime too. The electric capabilities of the eBike allow employees to stay powered on without much effort on their part, providing CTL employees with a leisure activity to split up the work day!

A company-wide CTL survey shows that eBikes have had a positive impact on work performance and overall satisfaction in the workplace. A recent study done by researchers at Portland State University shows that one individual e-bike can reduce CO2 by 225KG on average per year. Other research has shown that eBikes do not produce nearly as much carbon emissions as a normal vehicle would, so when a CTL employee takes an eBike on break to grab lunch versus their car, it is a small effort to reduce their carbon footprint while still being able to get to where they need to be. Encouraging physical activity and getting outdoors, eBikes are an excellent and practical way to get exercise while getting where you need to go. 

Check out Lectric eBikes if you are interested in a partnership with your organization or even to purchase one for yourself! Visit us at ctl.net for updates to learn more about CTL’s ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. See you on the road!