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Using Chromebooks to Reduce the Homework Gap During COVID-19

In late March 2020, many United States school districts had to quickly implement remote learning due to COVID-19-related lockdowns. Well-funded schools located in privileged communities that had a 1:1 student-to-computer ratio were equipped enough to deal with the new normal. Many other teachers and students were not. Underrepresented and vulnerable communities, in particular, were heavily impacted by this widening digital divide, and many still need help with getting adequate resources for effective remote learning. Many schools and students will need to continue at-home learning in some capacity for the foreseeable future. 

Chromebooks have proven to be effective to help school districts and networks bridge this digital divide. Because of their low cost, use of a cloud-based Chrome operating system and inherent safety features, Chromebooks have proved highly beneficial for teachers and students alike. Chromebooks often use intuitive, stripped-down functions that help students with less IT literacy get up and running in less time. Chromebooks are inexpensive laptop and tablet computers that are also small, lightweight, and durable, helping students transport them from place to place. Some models also include integrated LTE data connection capabilities, making them an even better solution for student mobility without access to Wi-Fi connections or mobile hotspots.

With CTL Chromebooks, students can store data in the cloud and not risk losing their work. Since all applications run in the cloud, students can easily access their files no matter where they are. While standard laptops might get lost or damaged, students can rely on cloud capabilities to always have their work safely stored without having to save. Chromebooks are easy to deploy and manage for school districts, and they simplify student access to necessary educational resources, assignments, and feedback.

Chromebooks are easier to deploy and manage for school districts and easier to learn and use for students. For these reasons, CTL Chromebooks are a promising tool for education, government, and nonprofit organizations to bridge the digital divide by bringing internet-connected technology to lower-income families.

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Learn more about the innovative ways that technology, including Chromebooks, is being used to reduce the homework gap by downloading the white paper “Bringing Technology to Lower-Income Families to Reduce the Digital Divide and the Homework Gap During COVID-19.”