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Using LTE Chromebooks to Bridge the Digital Divide

In many lower-income households, high-speed internet access is not always available. Having access to the internet and the right technology tools to reach education related websites is crucial to children’s educational development. With equitable access to the right technology tools, lower-income families can give their children better educational opportunities to keep up with higher-income families with more resources. Chromebook technology is a critical component to increasing digital equity, providing students with access to remote-learning applications and communication tools accessible anywhere with or without Wi-Fi. 

During the initial COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns, many students without internet at home could not travel to an alternate location to get online. Some CTL Chromebooks include integrated LTE capabilities to give students access to fast broadband service and the ability to power on anywhere, even if Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Remote-collaboration tools like Google Meet have become standard since video meetings have replaced in-person lessons during the pandemic. Since many communication tools cannot run properly on low-internet connection speeds, this widens the digital divide, further complicating education opportunities for low-income students. LTE-capable CTL Chromebooks can be life-changing for disenfranchised students since many lower-income families lack basic internet access for students to access online education applications. 

CTL Chromebooks are low cost, simple to use, and provide students the accessibility to the right technology tools. They are also easier to deploy and manage for school districts due to their cloud-based operating system. For these reasons, CTL Chromebooks are a promising tool for education, government, and nonprofit organizations to bridge the digital divide by bringing internet-connected technology to schools and lower-income families.

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Learn more about the innovative ways technology, including Chromebooks, is being used to bridge the digital divide by downloading the whitepaper “Bringing Technology to Lower-Income Families to Reduce the Digital Divide and the Homework Gap During COVID-19.”