Chromebook Cart Craze: How to Choose the Perfect Cart for Your Classroom

Chromebook Cart Craze: How to Choose the Perfect Cart for Your Classroom

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There's no denying technology has embedded itself into the American classroom.

Teachers are using technology such as the Google Jamboard in place of chalkboards and children are well-versed in the use of tablets and computers.

Another recent trend is the introduction of Google Chromebooks in the classroom. Their ease of use and affordability make them a popular choice in many school districts.

To preserve your classroom's Chromebooks, you need a safe place to store and charge them. Chromebook carts offer the perfect solution.

Not only do they guarantee your Chromebooks remain secure and fully charged, but they're portable. Teachers can now share them between classrooms.

Before you choose a Chromebook cart for your classroom, read this post for helpful tips and advice.

The Purpose Of A Chromebook Cart

Here are a few reasons to consider a cart for storing and charging your equipment.

Safety And Security

Although Chromebooks are an affordable computer option, they're still expensive pieces of equipment that need to be protected. A Chromebook cart ensures your laptops are kept safe and secure both during classroom time and overnight.

When Chromebooks aren't in use, students can place them safely in the cart. The screen, keyboards, and charging cords remain protected from misuse and manhandling.

Some carts are even equipped with locks for added safety.

Charged Up

There's nothing worse than asking students to take out their Chromebooks only to have half with dead batteries. Most Chromebook carts are equipped with internal charging ports.

Each time the laptops are placed on the cart, students can plug them in. This guarantees they're ready for use every time. It also teaches younger students responsibility and self-help skills.

Take It On The Go

Not all school districts can afford Chromebooks for every classroom. A Chromebook cart allows multiple students to use and share the school's resources. 

Chromebook carts also guarantee safe transport from one classroom to another. While Chromebooks are relatively lightweight, this weight adds up, making them cumbersome to carry. 

Even rugged Chromebooks can be damaged. No student or teacher should try carrying multiple Chromebooks at once. A Chromebook cart prevents accidents and damaged laptops. 

Features To Look For

Now that you understand why you need a Chromebook cart, let's discuss some features to consider when choosing one.


One of the first things to consider is how large a Chromebook cart you need. Some carts are single-shelved units while others have multiple shelves.

The size depends on how many Chromebooks you plan to store. The cart also needs to fit safely in a designated area of the classroom.

Choose a place that isn't high-traffic and is away from the windows, heat, or air conditioning vents. 


Do you need a Chromebook cart with a lock? Your school district may require all Chromebooks to be securely locked at the end of the day.

If your classroom is used for after school programs or by other groups or organizations, a Chromebook cart with a lock protects your equipment against unauthorized use.

Charging Capabilities

Different Chromebook carts offer different recharging capabilities. Some carts only allow you to charge 10 to 15 Chromebooks at a time, regardless of how many the cart holds.

If your Chromebook cart is for storage use only, you can opt for one without charging capabilities. 

Protect Your Assets Using A Chromebook Cart

Chromebooks are the perfect addition to any learning environment. Convenient, lightweight, and easy to use, these laptops help engage students in the learning process.

Chromebook carts offer protection for your equipment, as well as a convenient charging station.

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