What To Know When Buying Chromebooks For Your School

What To Know When Buying Chromebooks For Your School

Why are Chromebooks becoming more popular and widely used in schools? Chrome capabilities are improving the overall classroom experience. Find out why Chromebooks are the best option when fulfilling educators technology needs.

 Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator

There are a number of incredible innovations provided by today’s tech world that can assist us in the improvement of the learning process. Our schools are equipped with computers, tablets, and various learning tools that were never accessible until now. Utilizing the powerful tool of Chromebooks in the classroom has provided an incredible opportunity for both teachers and students. Chromebooks are very reliable and are able to provide quality collaboration in conjunction with various learning methods.

As a decision-maker for your school’s technology needs, you need clarity and ease when it comes to choosing what will be best for your students and teachers. At CTL, we make purchasing Chromebooks simple and transparent. Here’s what you need to know before you buy Chromebooks for your school with CTL.


Google offers Chrome OS support in terms of Automatic OS updates for Chromebooks from its date of manufacture. The length of time that Google provides these updates is called “AUE” (or Automatic Update Expiration). In addition to Google’s Chrome OS updates, CTL provides USA based service and support for our Chrome devices with dedicated Chrome specialists. CTL also offers many service options to amplify your technology initiatives such as:


CTL believes in handling things in the most effective, simple, and stress-free way. With the option for schools to have White Glove Service, including Chrome Device Management provisioning and configuration. This makes an IT department’s job a lot easier, giving them the ability to deploy Chrome devices into classrooms a lot quicker. This is a win all around!


We provide a team of experienced and passionate sales representatives that works to oversee schools in specific regions and assess the needs of schools and districts. Our knowledgeable sales representatives provide solutions in a quick and timely manner, which helps to further improve the involvement and reliability of Chromebooks deployed in K-12 schools nationwide.


Educational Chromebooks provide several advantages that further ease the immersion of learning with technology tools. Chromebooks create transformational learning experiences that make work easier. The experiences provided by Chromebooks include:


Using one of our best Chromebooks can help to reduce the learning gaps among students. At an affordable price point with no reduction in the quality of learning, students benefit tremendously from this state-of-the-art one-on-one technology experience. Chromebooks can be preloaded with Google Apps for Education at no cost and use Google Cloud with extra storage options when needed.


Seeing students use Chromebooks for their assignments and projects has become the norm. Today’s students have learned to utilize their Chromebooks for all of their education needs. Teamwork and educational connection has never been easier, as Chromebooks allow individuals to interact with other students and collaborate on a level that was never before possible.


CTL Chromebooks can be easily operated by students and teachers alike because of its simple out-of-the-box setup. Chromebooks are simple to set up and use, ensuring that students are capable of working hard from the moment they receive them.

  • Chromebooks can access the internet quickly and efficiently which reduces the waiting time that is associated with other types of netbooks.
  • Chromebooks have a ton of cloud storage with personalized learning tools that support multiple users without breaching the privacy of others.
  • The strong battery life of the Chromebook cuts down on the interruptions when in use.
  • Chromebooks can be easily maintained with Malware protection, preventing data loss and other tech issues.


Boasting a simple design and elegant finish, Chromebooks are user-friendly, enhancing the technological insight of students when they are utilized in the classroom. There are a variety of options, from rugged with water-resistant keyboards to touchscreen Chromebooks you can write on like a whiteboard. Students interact well with Chromebooks because they promote essential tech skills, broadening their educational world.


Determining the Chromebooks that are best for your school can be a lengthy and difficult process, but CTL takes the aches and pains associated with the buying process, making it straightforward. IT departments that have worked with CTL previously mention their simplified yet superior customer service, helping to ensure the success of Chromebooks in their school. 

Do you have a tech question that we haven’t answered here? Feel free to reach out to one of our team members. We look forward to assisting you as you decide which Chromebook will best meet your school’s needs.

By Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator
Nani Kalakau is the Marketing Coordinator at CTL. She loves to create, travel and experience different cultures.

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