Google Workspace Citation Tool

Google Workspace Citation Tool

Organizations that require articles and papers to be written with citations will highly benefit from the new Citations tool in Google Docs. Use the Explore-style tool to search for sources to cite and insert text, images and more.

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The latest update to the Google’s document editing and collaboration service brings an Explore-style tool whereby you can search for books and online sources right from within the document itself. Taking that a step further, you can also automatically insert them with one click.

For those unfamiliar, “Explore” is a built-in tool that lets you find websites, text, images, and more on Google Search right inside of the document by clicking the bottom-right icon. Then, you can insert them automagically. This new citation feature is a simpler version of that, refining search results to just the types of content needed to cite the source.

Google citation tool

Google hopes to help speed up the process of citing sources this way, as well as to ensure that formatting is correct. By automatically populating as many fields as possible and taking the process out of your hands, for the most part, the chances of accidentally messing up reduce greatly. This is an incredible tool that will be most helpful to teachers and students in academic environments while significantly cutting down time on making revisions and double checking credibility. 

Learn more about Google Workspace Updates and check out the CTL Google Workspace for Education page on how to maximize productivity with Google Workspace features. 

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