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How Chromebooks Save Schools Money

Chromebooks are cloud-based solutions that can save time on deployment and maintenance. Learn more about why Chromebooks are an excellent choice for accommodating budgets while meeting all technology needs.

 A 2020 study by the Pew Research Center revealed that more than 20% of parents reported that their children couldn’t complete schoolwork because they didn’t have a computer at home. Many school districts had to scramble to come up with a solution to get students back on track when they couldn’t be online. What districts discovered is that although they were initially concerned with the costs, IT investments in the cloud provided savings. It has become increasingly  apparent to many schools that investing in technology can save money in the long run.

Cloud Solutions to Save Money

Cloud migration allows IT professionals, administrators, educators, and students to work no matter where they are without the need for additional software. Entire networks can be managed in the cloud, reducing operational costs. Data centers can be shut down, saving money in real estate, maintenance, and energy consumption.

Deploying "Cloud-Centric" Chromebooks to students has resulted in savings. Chromebooks are often less expensive than other types of computers, especially when purchased in bulk. Another benefit of Chromebooks is that instead of expensive native software, inexpensive cloud-based apps are available that are unique and engaging.

Additionally, Chromebooks allow students to complete their assignments online. Cloud-based tools are available to allow students to collaborate with others and work in digital classrooms with real-time feedback from educators and fellow students.

Schools Can Save Even More Money with FREE Google Chromebook White Glove ZTE Enrollment from CTL

CTL offers K12 education customers who purchase Google Education Upgrade licenses from CTL free White Glove ZTE enrollment.

CTL is a verified pre-provisioning partner for Google zero-touch enrollment and can handle the automatic enrollment of each Chrome device for your organization. 

With ZTE, organizations can drop ship a fleet of Chrome devices that are capable of automatically enrolling the end-user and registering their device when they turn on the device and connect to the internet.

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