Nevada Ready 21 (NR21) 1:1 Education Mobile Device Program Becomes Law after Successful 2nd Year

Nevada Ready 21 (NR21) 1:1 Education Mobile Device Program Becomes Law after Successful 2nd Year

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After an independent evaluation showed that Nevada's one-to-one (1:1) partnership with CTL delivered transformative results, Governor Sandoval signed SB 467 formally putting the Nevada Ready 21 (NR21) program into state law. In signing SB 467, Governor Sandoval noted,

"We have started the work of building a K-12 system that will carry Nevada's students into the future. I was proud to sponsor the Nevada Ready 21 program so that students can have the newest technology to help them be prepared for 21st-century jobs. We must remain committed to our students so they can develop the skills and proficiency they need to fully participate in the New Nevada economy."

In case you haven’t heard, NR21 is a state-funded 1:1 student learning program that focuses on transforming education in Nevada to a student-centered, technology-rich 21st-century experience. Furthermore, NR21 addresses the year's top #edtech trends including the shift to more affordable Chromebooks, blended learning opportunities, classroom management tools, and wireless solutions for all students no matter how remote.


In 2015, Governor Sandoval allocated $20 million in his budget to create a statewide 1:1 program in Nevada. The Nevada Ready 21 digital learning program was launched, and in 2016, CTL was awarded the contract to provide their Chromebook solution for the state's 1:1 program. The Nevada Ready 21 program was launched to "help students develop the 21st-century skills they will need as citizens, in the workplace, and in college," said Superintendent of Public Instruction Steve Canavero.

CTL's partnership with NR21 provides Nevada's students with 24-hour access to computers and much more. Students are more engaged than ever thanks to a range of applications that support learning including NCLab (a platform for coding and 3D modeling developed in Reno), Pocket Lab which puts scientific experiments into students' hands, and web filtering software for safe browsing and CIPA compliance. CTL worked with the Nevada Department of Education to ensure that each NR21 school had IT support and a tech coach to support the teachers’ transition to a technology-rich learning environment that teaches students such 21st-century skills as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

NR21 Highlight Success in Students

Highlights from the NR21 Implementation Report show that 21st-century learning is indeed taking place in Nevada. "Over 19,000 5th-8th graders across the state have a Chromebook that is theirs to use in school and at home during the academic year. Students are becoming self-directed learners, utilizing the tools and resources at hand to solve real problems. Across the state, 69 percent of students reported that they are asked to collaborate online with their classmates at least monthly; 59 percent are asked to solve authentic problems using technology at least monthly."

It may be easiest to see the transformative power of this comprehensive 1:1 program by the way it engages students with special needs. The report notes "Teachers are using web-based resources to modify and adapt lessons for IEP and ELL students. In a 1:1 classroom, this means that all students are engaged in the content."

The success of NR21's pilot year led the legislature to consider and pass SB 467 to enshrine the program into state law. Additionally, the legislature funded the program for the 2017-2019 biennium. Legislators committed to completing funding for Cohort One that launched at the beginning of the 2016-17. Continuity in funding is essential for obtaining accurate data on the effectiveness of the program.

Since CTL was awarded the Nevada Ready 21 program contract, and in addition to the impressive numbers of students, NR21 schools utilizing the networking option have Wi-Fi access covering every instructional space on campus. A full report on program implementation shows remarkable progress.

CTL is proud to work hand in hand with legislators, administrators, and teachers to ensure the success of NR21 1:1 solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about how CTL’s 1:1 Chromebooks for education can work for your state, district, school, or classroom, contact one of our reps today to find out more information on going 1:1.

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