Sheryl Born Makes a Great Impact in Title I School with CTL Technology Grant

Sheryl Born Makes a Great Impact in Title I School with CTL Technology Grant

K103 Honor Roll December winner Sheryl Born discusses her role in technology and teaching.
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Technology is a powerful gateway for learning, offering invaluable exposure to worlds beyond our ordinary experiences. We were honored to participate in the K103 Honor Roll program this past school year to recognize outstanding teachers and to support them with a $2500 technology grant to help them continue fostering vibrant learning experiences in their classrooms.

We are very excited to shine a spotlight on our December Honor Roll teacher, Ms. Sheryl Born of Marrion Elementary School.  Ms. Born told us that since Marrion Elementary is a Title 1 school, and many kids have a background of high poverty and trauma, the technology within her classroom has great potential to show students a glimpse of the possibilities that lay outside their norm. We wanted to know more about Ms. Born's 2nd grade class, her teaching philosophy when it came to technology, and how she would use her $2500 CTL technology grant.

Q: Do you have a teaching philosophy when it comes to technology?

A: Technology opens a door for many of my students. With technology, they can explore the concepts of community while finding their house using Google Maps. They are able to see, read about, and research any animal that they are interested in. Technology can also help students see the mistakes in their writing and make corrections.

At the heart of my teaching philosophy is that my students know and feel that they are unconditionally loved.  I want them to know that they are accepted for who they are; they are allowed to think outside the box; they are safe to make mistakes. When trust is established, real learning can begin.

Q: How do you use technology in your classroom?

A: Since I teach in a high poverty and high trauma school, more than three fourths of my class don't have access to the internet. In class, I teach students how to use a computer, how to research and find information, and even how to create short videos so they can create short presentations about themselves.

Q: How would you like to use technology in your classroom to make your classroom a better learning environment for your students?

A: I would love to buy a digital camera and green screens. This technology would help us take pictures for the yearbook and PBIS assemblies and allow students to create morning announcements and their own book reviews.  

We're proud to be a part of recognizing teachers like Ms. Born and giving the gift of technology through the Honor Roll program. If you know an outstanding educator in the Portland area, nominate them for the K103 Honor Roll here. To learn more about CTL and CTL products, you can visit our website.

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