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Use Technology to Turn Today’s Students Into Tomorrow’s Top Employees

Shaping a better tomorrow includes preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. And that means adopting educational technology that will equip future workers for the demands they’ll face.

By incorporating technology into your teaching, you’ll have the flexibility to easily create lessons that address the ever-changing needs of the work world.

Workplace-Ready for 2025

A Pew Research Center study found that two-thirds of Americans thought that, in 50 years, robots and computers would do much of the work humans do. Then the World Economic Forum cautioned that 5 million jobs would be lost to automation in the coming years. In fact, the organization noted that about 65 percent of children entering primary schools likely would one day work in jobs that didn’t currently exist.

Being marketable in the future, then, will require a skill set that’s in demand regardless of the prevalence of automation — and regardless of specific job title.

Education Week polled experts to get their thoughts on preparing students for tomorrow’s workplace. Technology will be important, many said. But, because the future of work is so uncertain, they also recommended emphasizing soft skills — like reading comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking — that are transferrable.

The jobs of 2025, as reported by Fast Company, will call for skills like:

  • Technology and computational thinking.
  • Collaboration.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Adaptability.

Technology to the Rescue

Technology tools give you the flexibility to prepare your students for tomorrow’s jobs — whether you’re teaching them to code or encouraging critical thinking. Affordable CTL-delivered Google Chrome products are a great solution for a broad, ever-changing range of lessons.

Teaching your students to develop presentations, reports or spreadsheets? You can do so easily, with cloud-based apps and conferencing that help your students develop those valuable soft skills like collaboration and communication along the way.

Need to change up a lesson to focus on different skills? No need to gather lots of costly new materials; start by simply downloading a new app.

CTL's line of affordable Chromebooks are a light and portable — but durable — option. Whether you go with the CTL Chromebook NL7, for example, or the even more rugged CTL Chromebook J41, your students will be able to download complex pages and stream media easily and quickly.

Or check out the space-saving CTL Chromebox. Plug this mini computer into your favorite devices — or get connected to the internet and Google Play Store. If you want to download apps to incorporate into lessons about workplace skills, CTL-delivered tablets also allow access to thousands of apps for fun and learning.

Bring it all together with Google Jamboard. You can use this portable, interactive whiteboard to post material that streams to your students’ devices, for their review and collaboration.

The abilities required for tomorrow’s jobs are as fluid as they are diverse. Luckily, technology gives you the flexibility to prepare your students to succeed with whatever work challenges the future brings.

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