How To Deploy Chromebooks In Your School District Effectively

How To Deploy Chromebooks In Your School District Effectively

 Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator

Digital collaboration has rapidly become standardized in today’s society. The implementation of technology and its introduction to schools as early as possible is essential to a student’s growth and development. 

To fill in the technology gap, many schools are now choosing education Chromebooks to enlighten students on the use of technology. Simply put, Chromebooks are fast, easy to deploy, manage, and use.

Are you considering Chromebook deployment in your school district but finding difficulty going about it? One of the most challenging obstacles encountered by most schools considering this move is the efficient deployment of Chromebooks. 

CTL provides hands-on support for any deployment needs and has a team of experts to guide your school district through a smooth transition to Chromebooks. The following is a general guide of what should be implemented previously to Chromebook deployment.

Available infrastructure and their importance to Chromebooks deployment

Remember, the new technology you are trying to deploy will have to synchronize with your already-owned technology infrastructure. Upgrades to your infrastructure may be necessary, especially to wireless networks to avoid any network disruptions. Students will always need to connect to cloud-based applications when using Chromebooks and a weak or no connection is not ideal.

Aside from a timely and constant connection that will be needed to efficiently operate Chromebooks, you’ll want all Chromebooks to have a secure connection for security software to protect your students from harmful activity. CTL offers guidance on protecting and monitoring your students’ online activity through the Chromebook deployment process.

To execute a smooth transition during Chromebook deployment, make sure your district has sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the increased network usage. This will encourage teachers to use Chromebooks with their students consistently so they can see the value it brings to the classroom. 

Understand the training chain

Chromebooks are meant to be used by both teachers and students, but it is important that teachers are trained on Chromebook usage so they can pass this knowledge on to students. 

The training chain, therefore, needs to flow from the teachers to the students. The teachers need to be trained first; therefore, they have to be first introduced to the Chromebooks during its deployment to make its implementation easier. 

Aside from this, educators should use Chromebooks as a tool to collaborate amongst other faculty when sharing presentations or other educational-related content. It is important to gather educator opinions when training teachers on Chromebook utilization. Taking the necessary time to train teachers on using Chromebooks can do wonders towards the success of Chromebook implementation in the classroom. 

Nothing supersedes proper planning

Taking the above into consideration, the main takeaway is proper planning and setting realistic expectations. Taking the time to plan ahead and map out your vision for success with Chromebook deployments will make a huge difference later on when actual implementation occurs. 

First, make sure your current infrastructure can handle the bandwidth of the cloud-based devices. Second, training is the key to properly introducing Chromebooks into your school district. Teachers must be involved throughout the deployment for maximal implementation. Next, think about what types of Chromebooks would be the most functional in the classroom. CTL offers a wide variety of rugged and travel-friendly Chromebooks that are perfect for everyday use amongst students. Contact one of our sales representatives today so we can help you plan a successful Chromebook deployment. 

Are you ready to take the next step in deploying Chromebooks in your school?

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By Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator
Nani Kalakau is the Marketing Coordinator at CTL. She loves to create, travel and experience different cultures.

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